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# Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
from collections import defaultdict
from pyramid.exceptions import Forbidden
from import authenticated_userid, effective_principals
from pyramid.view import view_config
from cornice import Service
info_desc = """\
This service is useful to get and set data for a user.
user_info = Service(name='users', path='/{username}/info',
_USERS = defaultdict(dict)
def get_info(request):
"""Returns the public information about a **user**.
If the user does not exists, returns an empty dataset.
username = request.matchdict['username']
return _USERS[username]
def set_info(request):
"""Set the public information for a **user**.
You have to be that user, and *authenticated*.
Returns *True* or *False*.
username = authenticated_userid(request)
if request.matchdict["username"] != username:
raise Forbidden()
_USERS[username] = request.json_body
return {'success': True}
@view_config(route_name="whoami", permission="authenticated", renderer="json")
def whoami(request):
"""View returning the authenticated user's credentials."""
username = authenticated_userid(request)
principals = effective_principals(request)
return {"username": username, "principals": principals}