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Data collection and processing made easy.
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Avoid conflicts with installed Lua libraries and headers
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client Update tests, and undo some unnecessary conversions.
cmake Avoid conflicts with installed Lua libraries and headers
cmd Remove unreachable code
dasher Merge branch 'features/logstreamer-reports' of…
docker Fix review items
docs Merge branch 'process_input_retry_can_exit' of…
examples Add UdpOutput.
logstreamer Remove json tag from unexported field
message Merge branch 'versions/0.9' into dev
pipeline Use locks on the makers struct and check for shutdown during
plugins Merge branch 'process_input_retry_can_exit' of…
ringbuf Port of a ring buffer that overwrites prior writes rather than ceases…
sandbox Merge pull request #1441 from mozilla-services/avoid_lua_install_conf…
.dockerignore Add dockerfiles to repo.
.gitattributes Remove `-dev` from docs version and use `eol=lf` on short.log to
.gitignore Ignore mock files in pipeline package. It's useful to have them for r…
.gitmodules Change submodule to include slightly different styling, so newly
.travis.yml Add libgeoip-dev package to see if it will pull in GeoIP.h.
CHANGES.txt Merge branch 'process_input_retry_can_exit' of…
CMakeLists.txt Avoid conflicts with installed Lua libraries and headers
Dockerfile Use debian base image, to reduce size
LICENSE.txt adding to license as contributer Remove heka-docs link.
build.bat Merge branch 'dockerinput' of into carlanto… Move exports out of into
env.bat Load environment in a separate file, support parallel builds. Update the Mac build


Data Acquisition and Processing Made Easy

Heka is a tool for collecting and collating data from a number of different sources, performing "in-flight" processing of collected data, and delivering the results to any number of destinations for further analysis.

Heka is written in Go, but Heka plugins can be written in either Go or Lua. The easiest way to compile Heka is by sourcing (see below) the build script in the root directory of the project, which will set up a Go environment, verify the prerequisites, and install all required dependencies. The build process also provides a mechanism for easily integrating external plug-in packages into the generated hekad. For more details and additional installation options see Installing.

WARNING: YOU MUST SOURCE THE BUILD SCRIPT (i.e. source TO BUILD HEKA. Setting up the Go build environment requires changes to the shell environment, if you simply execute the script (i.e. ./ these changes will not be made.


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