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Heka 0.8.0 is out, now with moar Docker! Some notable new features:

  • New encoders for generating JSON data suitable for InfluxDB and Librato.
  • Included Dockerfiles to generate Heka Docker containers for both development and deployment.
  • New DockerLogInput for loading stdout and stderr from all of the Heka host's running containers.
  • Greatly improved performance for simple "starts with" and "ends with" regular expression message matchers.
  • Support for environment variable substitution into Heka config files.
  • Improved stability for AMQPOutput.
  • Added Logstreamer journal support for very small (<500 bytes) loaded files.

And more.

MD5 hashes:

de35653b8907b05d6b9639b5f0636158 heka_0.8.0_amd64.deb
911c18f2a8f764b9b7ae4b19691dc96b heka_0.8.0_i386.deb
d0fd1cf27faceabca2e12efbf494b116 heka-0_8_0-linux-386.rpm
8baa7d1405d31cea4b53143e80e52e49 heka-0_8_0-linux-386.tar.gz
49626fadad22227224490d471e33dbb5 heka-0_8_0-linux-amd64.rpm
71f9dedbca2f3330a31b16866023bcdc heka-0_8_0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
48bf3707576d59f87cd3744ca69b543a heka-0_8_0-darwin-amd64.dmg
b00af4d11073da23e5acddc7e2218287 heka-0_8_0-windows-amd64.zip