Hindsight Administration User Interface
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Hindsight Administration User Interface


Prototype administration user interface for Hindsight. Live demo: https://hsadmin.trink.com/



Runtime requirements

CMake Build Instructions (Linux only)

git clone https://github.com/mozilla-services/hindsight_admin.git
cd hindsight_admin
mkdir release
cd release
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release ..

# to run the web server locally
# update the hindsight_admin_server.xml with your configuration keys
cpack -G DEB
sudo dpkg -i hindsight-admin-0.0.1-Linux.deb
# http://localhost:2020/


  • The master branch is the current release and is considered stable at all times.
  • New versions can be released as frequently as every two weeks (our sprint cycle). The only exception would be for a high priority patch.
  • All active work is flagged with the sprint milestone and tracked in the project dashboard.
  • New releases occur the day after the sprint finishes.
    • The version in the dev branch is updated
    • The changes are merged into master
    • A new tag is created


  • All pull requests must be made against the dev branch, direct commits to master are not permitted.
  • All non trivial contributions should start with an issue being filed (if it is a new feature please propose your design/approach before doing any work as not all feature requests are accepted).