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MSISDN Gateway

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This is a proof of concept of an MSISDN Gateway server that takes a phone number and register it using an SMS validation mechanism.

API docs

Mailing list

Dummy client

Registration process flow

  1. The client sends a request to /register.

-- The server chooses the verification process based on MSISDN, MCC and MNC codes and returns a session token and a verify endpoint.

  1. The client sends a request to /sms/verify (the verify endpoint).

-- The server sends a SMS text message containing a pin code, and returns the number that was used to send it (the phone number of the server, useful for silent SMS catch)

  1. The client sends a request to verify the pin code (to /sms/verify_code) with the session token and the pin code and gets back a BrowserID certificate.
  2. If needed, the client can also ask for a new pin code using the /sms/resend_code URL and its sessionToken.
  3. Finally the client can unregister itself using the /unregister URL and its sessionToken.

What is the needed stack?

How to install?

You will need to have redis-server installed:


apt-get install redis-server


Assuming you have brew installed, use it to install redis:

brew install redis

If you need to restart it (after configuration update):

brew services restart redis

All Platforms

Then clone the loop server and install its dependencies:

git clone
cd msisdn-gateway && make install

How to run it?

You can create your configuration file in config/{NODE_ENV}.json

You need to generate the BrowserId keys by running ./bin/generate-keypair and add them to your configuration file.

development is the default environment.

make runserver

is equivalent to:

NODE_ENV=development make runserver

How to run the tests?

To run DynamoDB tests you will need to install and run fake_dynamo or ddbmock

FakeDynamo needs ruby, ruby-dev(el) and rubygems.

make test

How to update translation?

make update-l10n

And for automated scripts:

make update-l10n NOVERIFY=yes

Estimate Redis Memory Usage

usage = nbUsers * 1216 + 600000 (bytes)
  • For 3.5M users 4 GB
  • For 10M users 12 GB

The biggest AWS Elasticache Redis virtual machine is 68GB large so if we want to handle more that 60M users we will probably want to do some sharding to have one redis for MSISDN validation and another one for hawkSession management.

  • 600000 bytes is the size of an empty redis-server.
  • 1216 bytes is the fixed size of a given user including:
    • It's hawkSessionToken
    • It's code validation related data
    • It's MSISDN related data

The /unregister endpoint drops everything about a user.

Where to report bugs?

You should report bugs/issues or feature requests via Github Issues


The MSISDN Gateway code is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0. See the LICENSE file at the root of the repository.

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