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Mozilla Presence

This prototype implements https://wiki.mozilla.org/Services/Presence

Read the terminology at : https://wiki.mozilla.org/Services/Presence#Terminology

The server provides:

  • Device Presence Channel: used by users to send presence updates and get live notifications.
  • Registration: used by AppDeveloper to register applications
  • AppService Presence Channel: used by AppService to get presence updates and send live notifications.
  • Permissions: used to users manage applications permissions

Device Presence Channel

The Device Presence Channel is a web socket at wss://server/presence

It's a channel of communications between a phone/browser device and Mozilla Presence that carries live notifications from Presence and presence data to Presence.

Presence updates

The device can update its presence by sending a JSON mapping containing 3 fields:

  • email - the Persona e-mail
  • assertion - a valid Persona assertion
  • status - the status: 'online', 'offline' or 'unavailable'


{'email': 'tarek@mozilla.com',
 'assertion': '<valid persona assertion>',
 'status': 'online'}

For every presence status received, the server sends back an ACK message.


{'result': 'OK'}

In case of an error, the server may send back an extra 'errno' field with an error code (codes to be documented) and an optional 'error' message.


{'result': 'KO', 'errno': 34, 'error': 'Invalid assertion'}

The user can send as many updates as it wants, but the server can ask it to slow down with a specific error code (codes to be documented)

The server or the user can disconnect from the socket at any time and for any reason. The number of socket connections is limited to one connection per device and per email.

Live notifications

The Presence server can send live notifications to the device. When the server has some notifications pending for the device, they will all be sent at once whenever the device is connected.

Live notifications are sent as a JSON mapping containing 1 key:

  • notifications: a list of notifications

A notification is a mapping with 3 keys:

  • source: the sender -- usually an e-mail
  • message: the message
  • action: the action -- can be an URL

Once the notifications are sent through the channel, they are discarded from the server.



AppService Presence Channel

The AppService Channel is a web socket at wss://server/myapps/

It's a channel of communication between Mozilla Presence and an AppService that carries presence updates for users sharing their presence with the AppService and live notifications from the AppService to be delivered to a PUID.


Permissions API

A user may grant an application to see their presence by performing a POST call with the application unique identifier as provided by the application.

The server will keep track of this choice.

POST /grant/<appid>