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Experimental Run-Your-Own Sync1.5 Server

This is an experimental codebase for running a standalone Sync1.5 server. It may be useful for third-party developers who want to preview and prepare for the upcoming Sync1.5 protocol and related API changes (see http://docs.services.mozilla.com/storage/apis-1.5.html for the details).

This repo is likely to be retired and replaced with something else as development progresses. It really is only for early adopters to try things out and give us feedback. You have been warned...

Getting Started

The Sync Server software runs using python 2.6 or later, and the build process requires make and virtualenv. You will need to have the following packages (or similar, depending on your operating system) installed:

  • python2.7
  • python2.7-dev
  • python-virtualenv
  • make

Take a checkout of this repository, then run "make build" to pull in the necessary python package dependencies:

$ git clone https://github.com/mozilla-services/server-full2
$ cd server-full2
$ make build

To sanity-check that things got installed correctly, do the following:

$ make test

Now you can run the server:

$ make serve

This should start a server on http://localhost:5000/. There is no Sync1.5 client built into firefox yet, but you can test it out by running the functional testsuite against your server:

$ ./bin/python ./deps/server-syncstorage/syncstorage/tests/functional/test_storage.py --use-token-server --audience=http://localhost:5000 http://localhost:5000/1.0/sync/2.0

If that reports no errors, congratulations! You have a basic working install of the Sync1.5 server.


All customization of the server can be done by editing the file "./etc/production.ini", which contains lots of comments to help you on your way. Things you might like to change include:

  • The client-visible hostname for your server. Edit the "service_entry" key under the [tokenserver] section, the "audiences" key under the [browserid] section, and the corresponding entry in the file "./etc/secrets".
  • The database in which to store sync data. Edit the various settings under the [storage] section.

Questions, Feedback