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Script to transform the Disconnect block-list into Safebrowsing v2 format for Firefox Tracking Protection
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This script fetches blocklist .json from urls (such as shavar-prod-lists) and generates safebrowsing-compatible digest list files to be served by shavar.


  • python 2.x
  • (optional) virtualenv and/or virtualenvwrapper


  1. (optional) Make a virtualenv for the project and activate it:

    virtualenv shavar-list-creation
    source shavar-list-creation/bin/activate
  2. Install required libraries:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Copy the sample_shavar_list_creation.ini file to shavar_list_creation.ini:

    cp sample_shavar_list_creation.ini shavar_list_creation.ini
  4. Run the script:



This is run by a Jenkins deployment job every 30 minutes that:

  1. Checks out this repository
  2. Checks out the shavar-list-creation-config repository
  3. Copies stage.ini or prod.ini to shavar_list_creation.ini
  4. Runs python, which uploads updated safebrowsing list files to S3 for shavar.
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