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Revert "Merge breakpad and stackwalker targets"

This reverts commit 87144c6.

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1 parent e89a87f commit 92e7996be89d424b0c7caeb85922ccdf5e18ea88 @bramwelt bramwelt committed Jul 14, 2014
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ PG_RESOURCES = $(if $(database_hostname), resource.postgresql.database_hostname=
RMQ_RESOURCES = $(if $(rmq_host),$(rmq_host)) $(if $(rmq_virtual_host), resource.rabbitmq.virtual_host=$(rmq_virtual_host)) $(if $(rmq_user), secrets.rabbitmq.rabbitmq_user=$(rmq_user)) $(if $(rmq_password), secrets.rabbitmq.rabbitmq_password=$(rmq_password))
ES_RESOURCES = $(if $(elasticsearch_urls), resource.elasticsearch.elasticsearch_urls=$(elasticsearch_urls)) $(if $(elasticSearchHostname), resource.elasticsearch.elasticSearchHostname=$(elasticSearchHostname)) $(if $(elasticsearch_index), resource.elasticsearch.elasticsearch_index=$(elasticsearch_index))
-.PHONY: all test bootstrap install lint clean stackwalker json_enhancements_pg_extension
+.PHONY: all test bootstrap install lint clean breakpad stackwalker json_enhancements_pg_extension
all: test
@@ -85,6 +85,9 @@ clean:
rm -rf ./breakpad.tar.gz
cd minidump-stackwalk; make clean
+ PREFIX=`pwd`/stackwalk/ SKIP_TAR=1 ./scripts/
json_enhancements_pg_extension: bootstrap
# This is only run manually, as it is a one-time operation
# to be performed at system installation time, rather than
@@ -93,6 +96,6 @@ json_enhancements_pg_extension: bootstrap
# Build JSON stackwalker
- PREFIX=`pwd`/stackwalk/ SKIP_TAR=1 ./scripts/
+ # Depends on breakpad, run "make breakpad" if you don't have it yet
cd minidump-stackwalk; make
cp minidump-stackwalk/stackwalker stackwalk/bin

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