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@@ -119,17 +119,36 @@ From inside the Socorro checkout, as the *socorro* user:
make install
+Crash Flow
+The basic flow of an incoming crash is:
+(breakpad client) -> (collector) -> (local file system) -> ( -> (hbase)
+A single machine will need to run the Monitor service, which watches
+hbase for incoming crashes and queues them up for the Processor service
+(which can run on one or more servers). Monitor and Processor use PostgreSQL
+to coordinate.
+Finally, processed jobs are inserted into both hbase and PostgreSQL
Configure Socorro
+These pages show how to start the services manually, please also see the
+next section "Install startup scripts":
* Start configuration with :ref:`commonconfig-chapter`
* On the machine(s) to run collector, setup :ref:`collector-chapter`
+* On the machine(s) to run collector setup :ref:`crashmover-chapter`
* On the machine to run monitor, setup :ref:`monitor-chapter`
* On same machine that runs monitor, setup :ref:`deferredcleanup-chapter`
* On the machine(s) to run processor, setup :ref:`processor-chapter`
Install startup scripts
-RHEL/CentOS only (Ubuntu TODO - see vagrant/ for supervisord example)
+RHEL/CentOS only (Ubuntu TODO - see for supervisord example)
As *root*:
ln -s /data/socorro/application/scripts/init.d/socorro-{monitor,processor,crashmover} /etc/init.d/
@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ Monitor
.. raw:: html
- <font color="red">As of version 1.8, this app is DEPRECATED.</font>
Monitor is a multithreaded application with several mandates. It's
main job is to find new JSON/dump pairs and queue them for further
processing. It looks for new JSON/dump pairs in the file system

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