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Merge pull request #948 from rhelmer/db-25-to-26

move DB changes from 25 to 26
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2 parents d6bf998 + bd2fdda commit f187d06d562c9dd6f62c7cff59df456cdf784390 @rhelmer rhelmer committed Nov 15, 2012
@@ -7,11 +7,17 @@
This batch makes the following database changes:
-bug #807349
+bug 807349
Add exploitability to reports table
-bug #773332
+bug 773332
Add FlashProcessDump to reports and reports_clean
+bug 768059
+ Update and backfill crashes-per-user
+bug 768059
+ Update ADU
The above changes should take only a few minutes to deploy.
This upgrade does not require a downtime.
File renamed without changes.
@@ -19,6 +19,15 @@ psql -f ${CURDIR}/exploitability_column.sql $DBNAME
echo 'Add FlashProcessDump to reports and reports_clean'
echo 'bug 773332'
psql -f ${CURDIR}/add_flash_process_dump.sql $DBNAME
+echo 'Update "crashes by user"'
+echo 'bug 768059'
+psql -f ${CURDIR} update_crashes_by_user.sql $DBNAME
+echo 'Backfill "crashes by user"'
+echo 'bug 768059'
+psql -f ${CURDIR} backfill_crashes_by_user.sql $DBNAME
+echo 'Update ADU'
+echo 'bug 768059'
+psql -f ${CURDIR} update_adu.sql $DBNAME
#change version in DB
psql -c "SELECT update_socorro_db_version( '$VERSION' )" $DBNAME

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