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Automation for updating third party libraries for Firefox
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  • Easy
  • Medium
    • Come up with a better naming convention that file_bug/fileBug in
    • Everyone should Get a Google Cloud account
    • Someone should then set up a Google Cloud SQL databse
    • Create a MySQLDatabase in components/
    • After creating the Cloud SQL database, store the password to it in the taskcluster secret
    • Retrieve the mysql database password from taskcluster secret and pass it through to the database (by passing it through, then dbc, then db)
    • Implement the database function calls in automation that don't exist
      • For Hardcoded Database, they're just going to do nothing...
    • Figure out how we're going to figure out who to needinfo/flag for review for the libraries
      • Can this be determined from files? Or do we need to hardcode it in the database?
    • Handle if ./mach vendor fails, and then handle it
      • We'll probably need to catch the Exception that's raised by run_command and then re-throw a more intelligent exception indicating the merge conflicts, ideally with detailed output.
      • Before we re-throw the exception (so still inside, we should file a bug about the conflicts and then save the job to the database indicating this commit failed with a note about merge conflicts
  • Complicated
  • Very Complicated
    • Create process_existing_job
      • Going to need to read the failed jobs off taskcluster
      • Handle if the build job failed
      • Handle if tests failed
      • File comments on the bug and place a needinfo
      • If stuff succeeded flag the patch for review
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