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Intermittent failure on - 404 from Selenium server #572

bobsilverberg opened this Issue · 6 comments

4 participants


Most recent failure:

This seems to be an ongoing intermittent issue. The problem is that the call to selenium.get at is throwing an exception. I discussed this with @davehunt and the 404 that we see thrown in the stack trace isn't a 404 on the addons page, but rather a 404 from the Selenium server.

I will continue to discuss this with @davehunt, but if anyone has any feedback to share please add it to this issue.

Stack Trace:

self =
mozwebqa =

def test_that_version_information_is_displayed(self, mozwebqa):
    """Test for Litmus 9890."""
  details_page = Details(mozwebqa, 'Firebug')


self =
testsetup =
addon_name = 'Firebug'

def __init__(self, testsetup, addon_name=None):
    #formats name for url
    Base.__init__(self, testsetup)
    if (addon_name != None):
        self.addon_name = addon_name.replace(" ", "-")
        self.addon_name = re.sub(r'[^A-Za-z0-9\-]', '', self.addon_name).lower()
        self.addon_name = self.addon_name[:27]
      self.selenium.get("%s/addon/%s" % (self.base_url, self.addon_name))


self =
url = ''

def get(self, url):
        Loads a web page in the current browser session.
  self.execute(Command.GET, {'url': url})


self =
driver_command = 'get'
params = {'sessionId': u'1353385547764', 'url': ''}

def execute(self, driver_command, params=None):
        Sends a command to be executed by a command.CommandExecutor.

         - driver_command: The name of the command to execute as a string.
         - params: A dictionary of named parameters to send with the command.

          The command's JSON response loaded into a dictionary object.
    if not params:
        params = {'sessionId': self.session_id}
    elif 'sessionId' not in params:
        params['sessionId'] = self.session_id

    params = self._wrap_value(params)
    response = self.command_executor.execute(driver_command, params)
    if response:


self =
response = {'status': 404, 'value': ''}

def check_response(self, response):
        Checks that a JSON response from the WebDriver does not have an error.

         - response - The JSON response from the WebDriver server as a dictionary

        :Raises: If the response contains an error message.
    status = response['status']
    if status == ErrorCode.SUCCESS:
    exception_class = ErrorInResponseException
    if status == ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_ELEMENT:
        exception_class = NoSuchElementException
    elif status == ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_FRAME:
        exception_class = NoSuchFrameException
    elif status == ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_WINDOW:
        exception_class = NoSuchWindowException
    elif status == ErrorCode.STALE_ELEMENT_REFERENCE:
        exception_class = StaleElementReferenceException
    elif status == ErrorCode.ELEMENT_NOT_VISIBLE:
        exception_class = ElementNotVisibleException
    elif status == ErrorCode.INVALID_ELEMENT_STATE:
        exception_class = InvalidElementStateException
    elif status == ErrorCode.INVALID_SELECTOR \
            or status == ErrorCode.INVALID_XPATH_SELECTOR \
            or status == ErrorCode.INVALID_XPATH_SELECTOR_RETURN_TYPER:
        exception_class = InvalidSelectorException
    elif status == ErrorCode.ELEMENT_IS_NOT_SELECTABLE:
        exception_class = ElementNotSelectableException
    elif status == ErrorCode.INVALID_COOKIE_DOMAIN:
        exception_class = WebDriverException
    elif status == ErrorCode.UNABLE_TO_SET_COOKIE:
        exception_class = WebDriverException
    elif status == ErrorCode.TIMEOUT:
        exception_class = TimeoutException
    elif status == ErrorCode.SCRIPT_TIMEOUT:
        exception_class = TimeoutException
    elif status == ErrorCode.UNKNOWN_ERROR:
        exception_class = WebDriverException
    elif status == ErrorCode.NO_ALERT_OPEN:
        exception_class = NoAlertPresentException
    elif status == ErrorCode.IME_NOT_AVAILABLE:
        exception_class = ImeNotAvailableException
    elif status == ErrorCode.IME_ENGINE_ACTIVATION_FAILED:
        exception_class = ImeActivationFailedException
    elif status == ErrorCode.MOVE_TARGET_OUT_OF_BOUNDS:
        exception_class = MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException
        exception_class = WebDriverException
    value = response['value']
    if type(value) is str:
        if exception_class == ErrorInResponseException:
            raise exception_class(response, value)
      raise exception_class(value)

E WebDriverException: Message: ''

.env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/selenium/webdriver/remote/ WebDriverException

@bobsilverberg had the same type of failure. A different test, but again a 404 from the Selenium server. I will continue to track these in this issue and perhaps this is something to discuss with #selenium?


These intermittent technical failures are no longer plaguing our tests thanks to @klrmn's pytest-rerunfailures plugin. I'm not sure if I should close this issue or not, though. Any thoughts from anyone on that?


@bobsilverberg is this issue stil valid or can it be closed?


@bobsilverberg @retornam any updates on this issue? can it be closed?


@bobsilverberg knows more about this than I do


I think this issue can be closet thanks to @klrmn 's rerunfauilures plugin.
@bobsilverberg I will close this. Reopen if you disagree

@AndreiH AndreiH closed this
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