Added radix of 10 to calls to parseInt #33

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In line with the recommendation here

NOTE I am, of course, assuming the input string to these is decimal rather than hex or any other type.

hashar commented Mar 31, 2012

Sounds good. JavaScript linter you will use :-D

Tried this out with this new dev repo, but it causes this error to occur when clients connect:

[Fri Sep 14 2012 04:11:58 GMT+1000 (EST)] ERROR uncaughtException: TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'hp'

Any ideas?

@justinclift I think that may have to do with what seems to be an error in his commit:

-if(!(typeof exports === 'undefined')) {
+if((typeof exports === 'undefined')) {

Try adding this pull request, but ignoring the changes to server/js/formulas.js

Ahh cool. Thank @englercj, that lets it work.

Just committed this pull request to the dev repo here.

Trying to get everything merged into one spot that gets attention, so future development is easier. :)


nickdesaulniers commented Sep 3, 2013

Thanks for taking a look at the source code for BrowserQuest! BrowserQuest was developed by Little Workshop on behalf of Mozilla to showcase how the Web is the ultimate cross platform for games.

Mozilla does not currently have the resources to maintain BrowserQuest, but you should check out some of these amazing community forks instead! Feel free to add your fork to the wiki.




Windows Phone

Erlang based

  • sedrik/bqs - Erlang implementation of the BrowserQuest server

C++ based


  • HabitRPG - A habit building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game
    • Uses the BrowserQuest character icons (CC-licensed) for some of their stuff, and is looking to contribute back the icons they've developed since

No longer actively developed


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