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Fixing audio resources and fixing node deprecation warnings #77

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In debugging the issue that the local install doesn't proceed past the "Connecting to server..." screen, I noticed that the included audio files were present, and were being reference from the client/audio/music directory. I changed the code to use the correct directory and downloaded and added the files from the Mozilla CDN.

I also fixed the deprecation warnings that node throws when using the path.exists and path.existsSync methods.


This patch doesn't seem right?

The audio music files were (previously) missing from git, but did belong inside the "audio/music/" directory.

That being said, the "path.exists" -> "fs.exists" change looks useful. Will grab that. ;)


Added the code deprecation warning fix to the dev repo here. :)


Thanks for taking a look at the source code for BrowserQuest! BrowserQuest was developed by Little Workshop on behalf of Mozilla to showcase how the Web is the ultimate cross platform for games.

Mozilla does not currently have the resources to maintain BrowserQuest, but you should check out some of these amazing community forks instead! Feel free to add your fork to the wiki.




Windows Phone

Erlang based

  • sedrik/bqs - Erlang implementation of the BrowserQuest server

C++ based


  • HabitRPG - A habit building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game
    • Uses the BrowserQuest character icons (CC-licensed) for some of their stuff, and is looking to contribute back the icons they've developed since

No longer actively developed


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Commits on Apr 9, 2012
  1. @frogstarr78

    Fixed incorrect reference to audio files from audio/music to audio/so…

    frogstarr78 authored
    …unds (the directory that actually exists).
  2. @frogstarr78
  3. @frogstarr78
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4 bin/r.js
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ var requirejs, require, define;
exists = function (fileName) {
- return path.existsSync(fileName);
+ return fs.existsSync(fileName);
@@ -2218,7 +2218,7 @@ var requirejs, require, define;
context.loaded[moduleName] = false;
context.scriptCount += 1;
- if (path.existsSync(url)) {
+ if (fs.existsSync(url)) {
contents = fs.readFileSync(url, 'utf8');
contents = req.makeNodeWrapper(contents);
BIN  client/audio/sounds/beach.ogg
Binary file not shown
BIN  client/audio/sounds/boss.ogg
Binary file not shown
BIN  client/audio/sounds/cave.ogg
Binary file not shown
BIN  client/audio/sounds/desert.ogg
Binary file not shown
BIN  client/audio/sounds/forest.ogg
Binary file not shown
BIN  client/audio/sounds/lavaland.ogg
Binary file not shown
BIN  client/audio/sounds/village.ogg
Binary file not shown
2  client/js/audio.js
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ define(['area'], function(Area) {
loadMusic: function(name, handleLoaded) {
- this.load("audio/music/", name, handleLoaded, 1);
+ this.load("audio/sounds/", name, handleLoaded, 1);
var music = this.sounds[name][0];
music.loop = true;
music.addEventListener('ended', function() { }, false);
2  server/js/map.js
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ module.exports = Map = cls.Class.extend({
this.isLoaded = false;
- path.exists(filepath, function(exists) {
+ fs.exists(filepath, function(exists) {
if(!exists) {
log.error(filepath + " doesn't exist.");
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