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BrowserQuest server documentation

The game server currently runs on nodejs v0.4.7 (but should run fine on the latest stable as well) and requires the latest versions of the following npm libraries:

  • underscore
  • log
  • bison
  • websocket
  • websocket-server
  • sanitizer
  • memcache (only if you want metrics)

All of them can be installed via npm install -d (this will install a local copy of all the dependencies in the node_modules directory)


The server settings (number of worlds, number of players per world, etc.) can be configured. Copy config_local.json-dist to a new config_local.json file, then edit it. The server will override default settings with this file.


In order to deploy the server, simply copy the server and shared directories to the staging/production server.

Then run node server/js/main.js in order to start the server.

Note: the shared directory is the only one in the project which is a server dependency.


The server has a status URL which can be used as a health check or simply as a way to monitor player population.

Send a GET request to: http://[host]:[port]/status

It will return a JSON array containing the number of players in all instanced worlds on this game server.