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Firebug Test Runner

This module intends to automate the process of running the Firebug tests which can be downloaded and installed here The module examines data stored by the Firebug team in a file on their servers to determine which versions of the Firebug tests to run against which versions of Firefox. The module then downloads the latest tinderbox builds of those Firefox versions, runs the tests and sends the results to the specified database.



The Firebug Test Runner uses lxml which requires the following packages to be installed: python-dev, libxslt1-dev and libxml2

On Debian

sudo apt-get install python-dev libxml2 libxslt1-dev

On OSX (package names may be slightly different)

sudo port install python-dev libxml2 libxslt1-dev

On Windows it is a bit trickier. I'd recommend installing the executable directly

Install from distribute

Make sure you have distribute installed

easy_install pip
pip install runFBTests

Into a virtualenv of course! :)

Install from source

From the repo root and into a virtualenv, simply run:

python install

Or if you are doing development work and don't want to run the above command everytime you make a change:

python develop


There are two parts to the Firebug-Test-Runner, a runner and an updater.

Running Tests

The runner takes a serverpath as an argument and runs the tests found on that server. The server has to be set up in a certain way (which is where the updater comes in). By default the server is

To run the tests use:

runFBTests --serverpath server_url --couch couch_server --database database_name

For a full list of commands use:

runFBTests --help

Updating Tests

It is perfectly fine to use as the server, but you may want more control over which test versions are run and so you may wish to set up your own server.

On this server you need to run the updateFBTests script to pull the latest repos and tests from the firebug repository. It will ensure that the correct versions of Firebug are run against the correct versions of the tests.


updateFBTests -d path_to_document_root

For more options run:

updateFBTests --help


Current results of three VM's running this module are posted here: