Theming demo for Firefox Quantum and beyond
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Firefox Color

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Get Started

  1. Install Node 8.9.4+ (e.g. using node version manger)

  2. Clone the repo, install dependencies, start the dev environment:

    git clone
    cd FirefoxColor
    npm install
    npm start

    This will start a webpack-dev-server instance at port 8080 and start a watcher that will rebuild the browser extension with every file change.

  3. In Firefox 57 + open about:debugging and load the build/extension/manifest.json file.

  4. Visit http://localhost:8080 to see the web-based theme editor - changes should be relayed through the temporarily installed add-on and alter the browser theme

Note: If you have problems seeing the editor at http://localhost:8080/ on your computer, it's possible that you already have some other service using port 8080. You can change the port that Firefox Color uses for local development:

  • For Linux & OS X: PORT=9090 npm start
  • For Windows: .\node_modules\.bin\cross-env PORT=9090 npm start

This example switches to port 9090, but you can supply a different port as needed.

Environment variables

There are a few environment variables used in building the site and extension that are handy to know about:

  • PORT - (default: 8080) Port at which the webpack dev server will start up
  • NODE_ENV - (default: production) setting to development will enable some features for development work
  • SITE_URL - (default: http://localhost:8080) the URL where the web app is hosted
  • SITE_ID - (default: empty string) the ID of the site for the extension - e.g. "", "local", "stage", "dev"
  • DOWNLOAD_FIREFOX_UTM_SOURCE - host name used in metrics when the button to download Firefox is clicked
  • LOADER_DELAY_PERIOD - (default: 2000) delay in ms used for web site loader, can be set to 0 during development to make the site appear faster but with visual glitches

Build & Release

Deploying a development release consists of pushing to the development branch on this repo. Production release process is TBD.

The script npm run release:dev in package.json takes care of the following:

  • Set ADDON_URL and SITE_URL vars to point at

  • Build the site

  • Build & sign the add-on

  • Copy the signed add-on into the site

  • Deploy the site to Github Pages

Signing depends on WEB_EXT_API_KEY and WEB_EXT_API_SECRET environment variables being set for use by web-ext sign. Deployment depends on GH_TOKEN being set with a personal access token from GitHub. These are currently configured in CircleCI to support deployment after successful test runs.