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Add 'permissions' to allowed keys.

SDK 1.14 will add a 'permissions' key to package.json, initially used only for allowing addons to opt-in to running in private browsing windows, with other potential uses in the future. This commit adds support for the key so developers don't get errors when trying to add the key to their addons.(cherry picked from commit 350f400)
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1 parent b910b27 commit 8acf5b355353cc97a1cd707c9df5b302be9863e6 @KWierso KWierso committed with KWierso Mar 16, 2013
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2 apps/jetpack/
@@ -793,7 +793,7 @@ def set_version(self, version_name, current=True):
def validate_extra_json(extra_json):
allowed_keys = ('contributors', 'homepage', 'icon', 'icon64', 'id',
- 'preferences', 'license')
+ 'preferences', 'license', 'permissions')
for key in extra_json.keys():
if key not in allowed_keys:
raise KeyNotAllowed(allowed_keys)

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