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from urlparse import urlparse
import requests
from Garmr.scanner import ActiveTest, PassiveTest, Scanner
class SessionTest(ActiveTest):
class CaptchaTest(ActiveTest):
class LoginTest(ActiveTest):
'''04:43:14 PM) Yvan Boily: so here is an example; this provides a basic configurable authentication check; the username and password fields are configurable, as are the username and password.
the post data is assembled using a built in format that will work with many authentication forms, and the test assumes (naively) that a 200 response is a successful login
(04:43:27 PM) Yvan Boily: (the description needs to be updated :P)
(04:44:22 PM) Yvan Boily: the do_test method on ActiveTest could be simply extended to accept a second and third paramter:
(04:44:43 PM) Yvan Boily: def do_test(self, url, state, preserve):
(04:45:25 PM) Yvan Boily: the state object would be passed in, and the preserve parameter indicates that the test should not modify the state object if it is set to true
(04:45:30 PM) freddy: we could just change it to do_test(self, url, *args) and be more precise in the subclass
(04:46:14 PM) Yvan Boily: it is possible to do that, but I am not a fan of that style. I don't have a better argument than that, so if you want to go that route, feel free :D'''
run_passives = True
description = "check if login works"
config = {
"uid_field" : "username",
"pwd_field" : "password",
"username" : "admin",
"password" : "admin",
"format" : "%s=%s&%s=%s"
# eventing needs to be implemented
events = { "Pass": SessionTest,
"Error": CaptchaTest,
"Fail": CaptchaTest }
def do_test(self, url):
u = urlparse(url)
post_data = config['format'] % (config["uid_field"] , config["username"], config["pwd_field"], config["password"])
response =, post_data)
if "Login successful" in response.content:
# scrape response for indicators of a successful login
result = self.result("Pass", "Authentication was successful", None)
result = self.result("Fail", "Authentication failed", None)
return (result, response)
def configure(scanner):
#if isinstance(scanner, Scanner) == False:
# raise Exception("Cannot configure a non-scanner object!")