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from urlparse import urlparse
import requests
from Garmr.scanner import ActiveTest, PassiveTest, Scanner, HtmlTest
class AdminAvailable(ActiveTest):
run_passives = True
config = {"path" : "admin"}
def do_test(self, url):
u = urlparse(url)
adminurl="%s://%s/%s" % (u.scheme, u.netloc, self.config["path"])
sess = self.sessions[self.url]
response = sess.get(adminurl)
if response.status_code == 200:
result = self.result("Pass", "Django admin page is present at %s." % adminurl, response.content)
result = self.result("Fail", "Default Django admin page is not present at %s" % adminurl, None)
return (result, response);
class ProvokeError404(ActiveTest):
run_passives = True # we need IsDebugModeReallyEnabled
def do_test(self, url):
sess = self.sessions(url)
url += '76976cd1a3cbadaf77533a' #random garbage
response = sess.get(url)
result = self.result('Skip', 'This test cannot Pass or Fail, because it relies on the subsequent passive IsDebugModeReallyEnabled test', response)
return result, response
class IsDebugModeReallyEnabled(HtmlTest):
description = ''
secure_only = False
def analyze_html(self, response, soup):
# we dont really analye the soup, but that's ok;p
error_str = "You're seeing this error because you have" #from django source django/views/ - maybe subject to change
if error_str in response.content:
result = self.result('Fail', 'Typical string of echnical 404/500 error page found', None)
result = self.result('Pass', 'Debug strings not found', response)
return result
def configure(scanner):
if isinstance(scanner, Scanner) == False:
raise Exception("Cannot configure a non-scanner object!")
raise Exception("Cannot configure a non-scanner object!")