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+# Garmr
+Garmr is a checking that a site meets the basic requirements from a security point of view.
+It checks what the correct HTTP calls are allowed and others are blocked. It is installable from PyPi.
+## Installation
+This version of garmr :
+* does not support pip. grab the source from git
+* requires Requests > 0.6.2-dev, which can be installed by following the instructions here:
+## Usage
+usage: [-h] [-u TARGETS] [-m MODULES] [-f TARGET_FILES] [-p] [-d]
+Check urls for compliance with Secure Coding Guidelines
+optional arguments:
+ -h, --help show this help message and exit
+ add a target to test
+ -m MODULES, --module MODULES
+ load a test suite
+ File with urls to test
+ -p, --force-passive Force passives to be run for each active test
+ -d, --dns Skip DNS resolution when registering a target.
+## Tasks
+* Implement a way to provide supply parameters and specify which http verb to use
+* Implement sequences (i.e. a set of ActiveTests that once invoked, maintains a cookie jar)
+* Implement a proper reporter; currently a range of data is accumulated, but never reported.

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