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List of APIs is taken from There is an idea to use instead

Look and feel

App displays a list of APIs along with some information about ability on current device/system.

Two types of tests are used:

Preparation test checks if DOM of the device is prepared and containes the variables needed for API to work. This doesn't mean API will work (see SMS in desktop Firefox).

Actual tests asynchronous functions which are actually calling the API and testing if it is working.

Some APIs need no UI and these are clickable. Vibration API for example.

Possible informations:

  • [C] - available for certified apps only
  • + - DOM is prepared (parameter does exist in window or navigator)
  • - - DOM isn't prepared
  • * - test successful
  • F - test failed
  • ? - no idea how/if to implement the preparation test

Green background indicates that the list item will react on click.


` This app will be installed in Marketplace when ready

  1. Clone repository
  2. Modify paths to adb and xpcshell in Makefile
  3. Switch on the Remote Debugging on the phone
  4. Run make install to make a zip and install in the phone for development to read more about that.


  • Show information about API (Accordion UI?)
  • Provide simple examples how to use an API