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Year Project Name Awardee Amount (in $USD) Funding focus Project website
2019 BIND9 Internet Systems Consortium $60,000 Broaden Access
2019 Nunspell MEChKA SOFT $58,000 Broaden Access
2019 Nunspell Hellebaard $42,000 Broaden Access
2019 Emanuele Cesena SoloKeys Inc. $30,000 Increase Security
2019 mod_md v2 Greenbytes GmbH $50,000 Increase Security
2019 MicroBlocks Microblocks $28,400 Empower Users
2018 CodeMirror Marijn Haverbeke $50,000 Empower users
2018 Dat Code for Science and Society Inc $34,000 Empower users
2018 Phoenix and Firenest Michal Muskala $15,000 Empower users
2018 Harfbuzz Nathan Willis Consulting LLC $60,000 Empower users
2017 Python Package Index (PyPI) Python Software Foundation $170,000 Empower users
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