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Command Line Marketplace Client

Install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Set CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET environment variables:

    export CONSUMER_KEY=yourconsumerkey
    export CONSUMER_SECRET=yourconsumersecret
  • Change domain if you wish to work on development server:

  • Validate manifest. Will return manifest_id which is needed for the next steps:

    python validate_manifest
  • Check if the manifest is valid:

    python is_manifest_valid your_manifest_id
  • Add app to marketplace, app_id will be returned:

    python create your_manifest_id
  • Display status of the app:

    python status your_app_id
  • Add screenshot (currently only JPEG) to app, some data including id will be returned:

    python add_screenshot your_app_id ~/data/some.jpg
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