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# The threat management team will be the default owners for everything in the
# repo. Unless a later match takes precedence, these users will be requested for
# review when someone opens a pull request.
* @pwnbus @mpurzynski @Phrozyn @tristanweir
# Allow review by Gene or Andrew for cloudy MozDef code
/cloudy_mozdef/ @pwnbus @mpurzynski @Phrozyn @tristanweir @gene1wood @andrewkrug
# Entire set can review certain documentation files
/ @pwnbus @mpurzynski @Phrozyn @tristanweir @gene1wood @andrewkrug
/CHANGELOG @pwnbus @mpurzynski @Phrozyn @tristanweir @gene1wood @andrewkrug
/docs/ @pwnbus @mpurzynski @Phrozyn @tristanweir @gene1wood @andrewkrug
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