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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# Copyright (c) 2014 Mozilla Corporation
ROOT_DIR := $(shell dirname $(realpath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))
DKR_IMAGES := mozdef_alertactions mozdef_alerts mozdef_base mozdef_bootstrap mozdef_meteor mozdef_rest \
mozdef_mq_worker mozdef_loginput mozdef_cron mozdef_elasticsearch mozdef_mongodb \
mozdef_syslog mozdef_nginx mozdef_tester mozdef_rabbitmq mozdef_kibana mozdef_cognito_proxy
BUILD_MODE := build ## Pass `pull` in order to pull images instead of building them
NAME := mozdef
VERSION := 0.1
BRANCH := master
NO_CACHE := ## Pass `--no-cache` in order to disable Docker cache
PARALLEL := --parallel
GITHASH := latest ## Pass `$(git rev-parse --short HEAD`) to tag docker hub images as latest git-hash instead
TEST_CASE := tests ## Run all (`tests`) or a specific test case (ex `tests/alerts/tests/alerts/`)
TMPDIR := $(shell mktemp -d )
@echo 'Available make targets:'
@grep '^[^#[:space:]^\.PHONY.*].*:' Makefile
.PHONY: lint
lint: ## Run the flake8 linter over the entire codebase
flake8 --config .flake8 ./
.PHONY: run
run: build ## Run all MozDef containers
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) up -d
.PHONY: run-env-mozdef
run-env-mozdef: ## Run the MozDef containers with a user specified env file. Run with make 'run-env-mozdef -e ENV=my.env'
ifneq ("$(wildcard $(ENV))","") #Check for existence of ENV
ENV_FILE=$(abspath $(ENV)) docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -f docker/compose/docker-compose-user-env.yml -p $(NAME) up -d
@echo $(ENV) not found.
.PHONY: test
test: build-tests run-tests
.PHONY: tests
tests: build-tests run-tests ## Run all tests (getting/building images as needed)
.PHONY: run-tests-resources-external
run-tests-resources-external: ## Just spin up external resources for tests and have them listen externally
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) run -p 9200:9200 -d elasticsearch
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) run -p 5672:5672 -d rabbitmq
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) run -p 3002:3002 -d mongodb
.PHONY: run-tests-resources
run-tests-resources: ## Just run the external resources required for tests
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) up -d
.PHONY: run-test
run-test: run-tests
.PHONY: run-tests
run-tests: run-tests-resources ## Just run the tests (no build/get). Use `make TEST_CASE=tests/...` for specific tests only
docker run -it --rm mozdef/mozdef_tester bash -c "source /opt/mozdef/envs/python/bin/activate && flake8 --config .flake8 ./"
docker run -it --rm --network=test-mozdef_default mozdef/mozdef_tester bash -c "source /opt/mozdef/envs/python/bin/activate && py.test --delete_indexes --delete_queues $(TEST_CASE)"
.PHONY: run-dev-meteor
run-dev-meteor: ## Run a local development meteor environment (useful for development)
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -f docker/compose/dev-meteor.yml -p $(NAME) $(BUILD_MODE) $(PARALLEL) $(NO_CACHE) base
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -f docker/compose/dev-meteor.yml -p $(NAME) $(BUILD_MODE) $(PARALLEL) $(NO_CACHE)
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -f docker/compose/dev-meteor.yml -p $(NAME) up -d
.PHONY: rebuild-run-tests
rebuild-run-tests: build-tests run-tests
.PHONY: build
build: build-from-cwd
.PHONY: build-from-cwd
build-from-cwd: ## Build local MozDef images (use make NO_CACHE=--no-cache build to disable caching)
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) $(BUILD_MODE) $(PARALLEL) $(NO_CACHE) base
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) $(BUILD_MODE) $(PARALLEL) $(NO_CACHE)
.PHONY: build-from-github
build-from-github: ## Build local MozDef images from the github branch (use make NO_CACHE=--no-cache build to disable caching).
@echo "Performing a build from the github branch using $(TMPDIR) for BRANCH=$(BRANCH)"
cd $(TMPDIR) && git clone && cd MozDef && git checkout $(BRANCH) && make build-from-cwd
rm -rf $(TMPDIR)
.PHONY: build-tests
build-tests: ## Build end-to-end test environment only
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) $(NO_CACHE) $(BUILD_MODE) base
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) $(NO_CACHE) $(BUILD_MODE)
.PHONY: stop
stop: down
.PHONY: down
down: ## Shutdown all services we started with docker-compose
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) stop
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p test-$(NAME) stop
.PHONY: docker-push
docker-push: hub
.PHONY: hub
hub: ## Upload locally built MozDef images tagged as the current git head (
docker login
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) push
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) push
.PHONY: tag-images
cloudy_mozdef/ci/docker_tag_or_push tag $(BRANCH)
.PHONY: docker-push-tagged
docker-push-tagged: tag-images hub-tagged
.PHONY: hub-tagged
hub-tagged: ## Upload locally built MozDef images tagged as the BRANCH. Branch and tagged release are interchangeable here.
cloudy_mozdef/ci/docker_tag_or_push push $(BRANCH)
.PHONY: docker-get
docker-get: hub-get
.PHONY: hub-get
hub-get: ## Download all pre-built images (
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) pull
docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-test.yml -p test-$(NAME) pull
.PHONY: docker-login
docker-login: hub-login
.PHONY: hub-login
hub-login: ## Login as the MozDef CI user in order to perform a release of the containers.
@docker login -u mozdefci --password $(shell aws ssm get-parameter --name '/mozdef/ci/dockerhubpassword' --with-decrypt | jq .Parameter.Value)
.PHONY: clean
clean: ## Cleanup all docker volumes and shutdown all related services
-docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yml -p $(NAME) down -v --remove-orphans
-docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose-tests.yml -p test-$(NAME) down -v --remove-orphans
# Shorthands
.PHONY: rebuild
rebuild: clean build-from-cwd
.PHONY: new-alert
new-alert: ## Create an example alert and working alert unit test
python tests/
.PHONY: run-docs
run-docs: stop-docs ## Start container to serve up documentation for development
docker-compose -f docker/compose/dev-docs.yml up -d
@echo "Visit http://localhost:8000 - Feel free to update source code and then refresh webpage!"
.PHONY: stop-docs
stop-docs: ## Stop the docs development container if running
-docker-compose -f docker/compose/dev-docs.yml stop
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