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pull ip from an occasionally present list

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jeffbryner committed Nov 23, 2018
1 parent 21ac8f5 commit 839d545dd684b0cb69960d27f6700912577a33a8
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ def __init__(self):
# AWS guard duty can send IPs in a bunch of places
# Lets pick out some likely targets and format them
# so other mozdef plugins can rely on their location
self.ipaddress_keys =[
self.ipaddress_keys = [
@@ -43,7 +43,8 @@ def convert_key_date_format(self, needle, haystack):
current_pointer = haystack
for updated_key in num_levels:
if updated_key == num_levels[-1]:
current_pointer[updated_key] = toUTC(current_pointer[updated_key]).isoformat()
current_pointer[updated_key] = toUTC(
return haystack
if updated_key in current_pointer:
current_pointer = current_pointer[updated_key]
@@ -63,12 +64,25 @@ def onMessage(self, message, metadata):
message = self.convert_key_date_format(date_key, message)

# convert the dict to a dot dict for saner deep key/value processing
message = DotDict(message)
# pull out the likely source IP address
for ipaddress_key in self.ipaddress_keys:
if 'sourceipaddress' not in message['details'].keys():
if key_exists(ipaddress_key,message):
message.details.sourceipaddress = message.get(ipaddress_key)
if key_exists(ipaddress_key, message):
message.details.sourceipaddress = message.get(

# if we still haven't found what we are looking for #U2
# sometimes it's in a list
if 'sourceipaddress' not in message['details'].keys():
if key_exists('details.finding.action.portProbeAction.portProbeDetails', message) \
and isinstance(message.details.finding.action.portProbeAction.portProbeDetails, list):

# inspect the first list entry and see if it contains an IP
portProbeDetails = DotDict(
if key_exists('remoteIpDetails.ipAddressV4', portProbeDetails):
message.details.sourceipaddress = portProbeDetails.remoteIpDetails.ipAddressV4

# recovert the message back to a plain dict
return (dict(message), metadata)

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