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WebExtension experiments API for privacy-related browser instrumentation that requires privileged code
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OpenWPM WebExtension Experiment / API

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This is the home of the openwpm-webext-experiment npm package (TODO), which provides:

  • WebExtension Experiment API's

  • Scripts:

    • installOpenWPM shell command copying these files in your study add-on.
  • testUtils/

    • Test utilities (helper classes to write functional/unit tests for your add-on)


Allows writing add-ons that use one or many of OpenWPM's instrumentation modules.

Installing OpenWPM WebExtension Experiment / API in your add-on

  1. Install the Package

    npm install --save mozilla/OpenWPM-WebExtension-Experiment#develop
  2. Copy the files to your 'privileged' src directory

    npx installOpenWPM src/privileged --example

    Suggestion: make this part of your package.json:scripts.postinstall script.

  3. Add the following to your add-on's manifest.json:

      "experiment_apis": {
        "openwpm": {
          "schema": "./privileged/openwpm/schema.json",
          "parent": {
            "scopes": ["addon_parent"],
            "script": "./privileged/openwpm/api.js",
            "paths": [["openwpm"]]
  4. Set logging level to All in about:config

    prefName: openwpm.logLevel
    values: All|Trace|Debug|Info|Warn|Error

    This allows openwpm-related log output in the browser console.

How to use in your add-on

  1. Read the documentation of the API

    Notice that there are

    • functions: async functions in the browser.openwpm.
    • events: webExtension events in the browser.openwpm
    • types: jsonschema draft-04 formats.
  2. Explore test-addon:

    • manifest.json

      Notice the experiment_apis section. This maps browser.openwpm to the privileged api code. (See details below)

    • openwpmSetup.js

      Construct a openwpmSetup usable by browser.openwpm.setup

    • background.js

      Uses the browser.openwpm api within a small instrumented feature.


  • Open an issue
  • Hack and file a PR
  • npm run test must pass.
  • Read ./docs/ for more in-depth development documentation.
  • Useful testing helpers:
    • KEEPOPEN=1 npm run test keeps Firefox open
    • npm run test-only skips build steps.
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