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python client library for the Verified Email Protocol (aka "BrowserID")
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PyVEP: a python library for the Verified Email Protocol

This is a python client library for the Verified Email Protocol, a.k.a Mozilla's BrowserID project. See here for details:

And see here for how to integrate it into your website:

To just get something stable and working, it's currently recommended that you use the remote verifier service to check your assertions. Do so like this:

>>> verifier = vep.RemoteVerifier()
>>> data = verifier.verify(BROWSERIDASSERTION, "")
>>> print data["email"]

For improved performance, or if you just want to live on the bleeding edge, you can perform verification locally like so:

>>> verifier = vep.LocalVerifier()
>>> data = verifier.verify(BROWSERIDASSERTION, "")
>>> print data["email"]

As the Verified Email Protocol gets locked down more firmly, using the local verifier will become the preferred method of checking VEP identity assertions.

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