Create new Reps onboarding Webinar and test it #101

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We want to test a Webinar to onboard new Reps. This will be used in the next onboarding round coming up once we've built the content.

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Responsible: @brianking
Accountable: Reps Council
Supporting: @couci @deimidis
Consulted: Reps Council


  • Make team to work on this
  • Gather content for onboarding
  • Create Webinar materials (docs, slide deck, ...)
  • Choose a date
  • Choose a platform (Youtube Live, Vidyo, ...)
  • Run Webinar
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@brianking could you please extend the "Required" list and set a timeline? Thx


Pretty excited to be part of Mozilla Reps program


I updated the required.

In terms of a timeline, it is going to be tight the next couple of weeks. I wonder if we can do all the prep tasks before Hawaii, and run the webinar when we are together there?

couci commented Nov 23, 2016

I agree with @brianking since we are pushing a lot on mozactivate, let's put for now informing the people and set a webminar on Hawaii


Sounds good to me, though we need to remember

  1. we will need to send the communication to the applicants as well to have most impact
  2. time in Hawaii will be limited and we have other high prio sessions to run as well

Always ready and really excited to start the new program.


With all the energy to help in Mozilla Reps program . Regards !!!


Looking forward to be part of Mozilla Reps.

bozzmob commented Nov 29, 2016

Would find best opportunities to contribute to Mozilla and be a part of Mozilla Reps

elidron commented Dec 2, 2016

I can't wait 🙋🏻

akshit13 commented Dec 4, 2016

Looking forward to be a part of reps program.


When the webinar process will start ?


Waiting for the reps program


We are currently working on the content for the onboarding. We have a good base, now we need to make the content easily understandable and complete.

This is what it's gonna look like in terms of process (subject to change if necessary):

v0 1_reps_onboarding_diagram


And here is the base for content Michael mentioned:

Comments welcome.

@MichaelKohler MichaelKohler self-assigned this Jan 18, 2017

I've added some things to the document, @couci @brianking please provide feedback so we can share this with Council for a final feedback round. Then we can increase the value of the script (as a real script to read from basically).

elidron commented Feb 14, 2017

Any news? :O I'm so excited to start the training!


We have discussed several points from the webinar document in Council. Missing points:

  1. We would rather do a panel conversation instead of a 1:1 interaction between two Council members. We need to adapt the script for this.
  2. There are some minor information missing in the script right now
  3. We want to include the mobilizer role description which is currently being drafted and explored. This piece will go in last right before we will do the first webinar.

I expect steps 1 and 2 to be done by the end of the week.

@MichaelKohler MichaelKohler referenced this issue Feb 16, 2017

Update Onboarding/Application Wiki #128

3 of 3 tasks complete

I've also documented the workflow and experiment for the Webinar here:


I've updated the webinar (actually needed less updates than thought), please review if you have time :)

elidron commented Feb 16, 2017

thanks a lot Michael!! Read it and still waiting for this to happen! 💃


The script is almost ready. We need to handle a few administration tasks now:

  • date to run it
  • invite applicants to join
  • set up the YouTube live instance
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