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-To get started, download the current version of this project from
+# WebGameStub
+WebGameStub helps you get a quick and easy start on writing an HTML5 game with 2D canvas with a simple template and a few tools.
+WebGameStub offers a good starting point for the game itself and smoothes off a variety of the rough edges associated with writing and publishing a Web app.
+WebGameStub is about saving you time and effort so that you can focus on writing your game.
+It's about not having to write the most basic game infrastructure pieces, like canvas setup and an update/render loop.
+It's about having an easier starting point than a blank canvas.
+It's about not having to spend your time stitching together the usual cross-browser bits associated with bootstrapping an app on the web.
+## Getting started
+* Download the current version of this project from
[the downloads page](
+* Open the index.html file in the www folder in a web browser
+* Edit the application in www/js/app.js and then reload the index.html file to see how your changes affect the game
+#Extra Features (requires node.js)
+# Prerequisites for extras
+* be sure [node.js and npm]( are installed and in your PATH
+* (optional) if you wish to deploy to github pages, ensure that
+ [git]( is installed and configured
+* Use npm to install volo into your path, if it's not there already:
+ > npm install -g volo
+## Simple library installation
+Add any libraries that you intend to use. volo uses github's search API to
+find them and grabs the latest released version.
+ > volo add three.js
+ Using github repo "mrdoob/three.js" for "three.js"...
+ Downloading:
+ Installed github:mrdoob/three.js/master at js/three.js
+ > volo add stats.js
+ Using github repo "mrdoob/stats.js" for "stats.js"...
+ Downloading:
+ Installed github:mrdoob/stats.js/master at www/js/lib/stats.js
-Here are a couple of good sources of freely reusable 2D art for games:
+## Optimize for high performance
+Build a minified version complete with an appcache file:
+ > volo appcache
+ (...)
+## Deploy to github pages
+Deploy the built version to the gh-pages branch of suitably named repo:
+ > volo ghdeploy
+ Log in to GitHub to complete action (your password is not saved. It is sent over SSL to GitHub and converted to an OAuth token)
+ GitHub user name: dmose
+ GitHub password:
+ Contacting GitHub...
+ (...)
+ To
+ e5dbfd4..1296c81 gh-pages -> gh-pages
+ GitHub Pages is set up. Check in about 10-15 minutes.
+# More Resources
+## Game APIs
+* [Pointer Lock API](
+* [Fullscreen API](
+## 2D Art
* [Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Tiles]( (see bottom of post for download link)
* [Open Game Art 2D Art]([]=9&field_art_tags_tid_op=and&field_art_tags_tid=&name=&sort_by=count&sort_order=DESC&Collection=)
If you know of any other good sources of free reusable art please let us know by
-filing a [github issue](
+filing a [github issue](
+# Getting involved
+Join us on [#games on](irc:// and message dmose, ack, or dperit if you want to get involved and contribute to Webgamestub. We also welcome any feedback and input that you have to offer!
+Issues can be filed on

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