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A repository of various activedata queries and recipes
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ActiveData Recipes

This is a repository of various ActiveData recipes. A recipe is a small snippet that runs one or more ActiveData queries and returns the output. Queries can sometimes be modified by command line arguments and output can sometimes be post-processed.

Each recipe should try to answer a single question.


First install poetry, then run:

$ git clone
$ cd active-data-recipes
$ poetry install

You will need Python 3.6 or higher.


The poetry install command will create a virtualenv with all of the required dependencies installed. You can use poetry run <cmd> to run a single command within the virtualenv context. Or you can use poetry shell to spawn a new shell with the virtualenv activated. The commands below assume you have run the latter.


$ adr <recipe> <options>

For a list of recipes:

$ adr list

For recipe specific options see:

$ adr <recipe> -- --help

To serve the web app locally:

$ adr-app


See the recipe documentation for more information on which recipes are available and how to run them.


To contribute to active-data-recipes first follow the installation steps above. You can run tests with:

$ poetry run tox


$ poetry shell
$ tox
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