Create Experiment for Delete/Block Menu Item Order #732

tspurway opened this Issue May 19, 2016 · 0 comments


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tspurway commented May 19, 2016

This experiment will simply reverse the order of the 'X' menu items (block/delete) in 10% of the population.

  1. instrument addon so that on start-up, it will determine if it is part of the experiment (10%) or control (90%) and persist the result (based on hash of client_id?)
  2. assign an experiment_id to uniquely identify the test (hardcoded)
  3. if the experiment is enabled, reverse the 'X' menu items
  4. if the experiment is enabled, when sending event pings, make sure to include the experiment_id field
  5. modify data pipeline / infernyx job / database schema to process and persist experiment_id
  6. add a comparative re:dash graph to show any differences between the experiment and it's control
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