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Fix Bug 1421422 - Collect "region" and "profile_creation_date" for AS #3877

merged 1 commit into from Jan 12, 2018
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chore(doc): Update telemetry document for region and profile_creation…

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ncloudioj committed Nov 22, 2017
commit 9a48cbec1cc1686758fec5cdfae5995f10918904
@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ Schema definitions/validations that can be used for tests can be found in `syste
"page": ["about:newtab" | "about:home" | "unknown"],
"session_duration": 1635,
"session_id": "{12dasd-213asda-213dkakj}",
"region": "US",
"profile_creation_date": 14786,
"user_prefs": 7
// These fields are generated on the server
@@ -189,6 +191,8 @@ and losing focus. | :one:
| `user_prefs` | [Required] The encoded integer of user's preferences. | :one: & :four:
| `is_prerendered` | [Required] A boolean to signify whether the page is prerendered or not | :one:
| `is_preloaded` | [Required] A boolean to signify whether the page is preloaded or not | :one:
| `region` | [Optional] An string maps to pref "", which is essentially the two letter ISO 3166-1 country code populated by the Firefox search service. Note that: 1). it reports "OTHER" for those regions with smaller Firefox user base (less than 10000) so that users cannot be uniquely identified; 2). it reports "UNSET" if this pref is missing; 3). it reports "EMPTY" if the value of this pref is an empty string. | :one:
| `profile_creation_date` | [Optional] An integer to record the age of the Firefox profile as the total number of days since the UNIX epoch. | :one:
@@ -263,6 +263,8 @@ All `"activity_stream_session"` pings have the following basic shape. Some field
"locale": "en-US",
"page": ["about:newtab" | "about:home" | "unknown"],
"session_duration": 4199,
"region": "US",
"profile_creation_date": 14786,
"user_prefs": 7
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