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Bug 883123 - Add the private-browsing permission to ABH's package.json

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1 parent 3623c18 commit 775f6b7f293eb0a81756b3b9f47d6e0b6ea3bd0c @KWierso KWierso committed Jun 14, 2013
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@@ -7,5 +7,6 @@
"main": "addons-builder-helper",
"fullName": "Add-on Builder Helper",
"id": "jid0-t3eeRQgGANLCH9c50lPqcTDuNng",
+ "permissions": {"private-browsing": true},
"description": "Add-on Builder Helper helps you use Add-on Builder, Mozilla's web application for building Firefox add-ons. It gives Add-on Builder the ability to install and try out add-ons as they are being developed."

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