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# This file helps to compute a version number in source trees obtained from
# git-archive tarball (such as those provided by githubs download-from-tag
# feature). Distribution tarballs (build by sdist) and build
# directories (produced by build) will contain a much shorter file
# that just contains the computed version number.
# This file is released into the public domain. Generated by versioneer-0.4
# (
# these strings will be replaced by git during git-archive
git_refnames = "$Format:%d$"
git_full = "$Format:%H$"
import subprocess
def run_command(args, cwd=None, verbose=False):
# remember shell=False, so use git.cmd on windows, not just git
p = subprocess.Popen(args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, cwd=cwd)
except EnvironmentError, e:
if verbose:
print "unable to run %s" % args[0]
print e
return None
stdout = p.communicate()[0].strip()
if p.returncode != 0:
if verbose:
print "unable to run %s (error)" % args[0]
return None
return stdout
import sys
import re
import os.path
def get_expanded_variables(versionfile_source):
# the code embedded in can just fetch the value of these
# variables. When used from, we don't want to import
#, so we do it with a regexp instead. This function is not
# used from
variables = {}
for line in open(versionfile_source,"r").readlines():
if line.strip().startswith("git_refnames ="):
mo ='=\s*"(.*)"', line)
if mo:
variables["refnames"] =
if line.strip().startswith("git_full ="):
mo ='=\s*"(.*)"', line)
if mo:
variables["full"] =
except EnvironmentError:
return variables
def versions_from_expanded_variables(variables, tag_prefix):
refnames = variables["refnames"].strip()
if refnames.startswith("$Format"):
return {} # unexpanded, so not in an unpacked git-archive tarball
refs = set([r.strip() for r in refnames.strip("()").split(",")])
refs.discard("HEAD") ; refs.discard("master")
for ref in reversed(sorted(refs)):
if ref.startswith(tag_prefix):
r = ref[len(tag_prefix):]
if'\d', r):
# git's %d expansion behaves like git log --decorate=short
# and strips out the refs/heads/ and refs/tags/ prefixes that
# would let us distinguish between branches and tags. By
# ignoring refnames without digits, we filter out many common
# branch names like "release" and "stabilization".
return { "version": r,
"full": variables["full"].strip() }
# no suitable tags, so we use the full revision id
return { "version": variables["full"].strip(),
"full": variables["full"].strip() }
def versions_from_vcs(tag_prefix, verbose=False):
# this runs 'git' from the directory that contains this file. That either
# means someone ran a command (and this code is in
#, thus the containing directory is the root of the source
# tree), or someone ran a project-specific entry point (and this code is
# in, thus the containing directory is somewhere deeper in
# the source tree). This only gets called if the git-archive 'subst'
# variables were *not* expanded, and hasn't already been
# rewritten with a short version string, meaning we're inside a checked
# out source tree.
source_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
except NameError:
# some py2exe/bbfreeze/non-CPython implementations don't do __file__
return {} # not always correct
GIT = "git"
if sys.platform == "win32":
GIT = "git.cmd"
stdout = run_command([GIT, "describe", "--tags", "--dirty", "--always"],
if stdout is None:
return {}
if not stdout.startswith(tag_prefix):
if verbose:
print "tag '%s' doesn't start with prefix '%s'" % (stdout, tag_prefix)
return {}
tag = stdout[len(tag_prefix):]
stdout = run_command([GIT, "rev-parse", "HEAD"], cwd=source_dir)
if stdout is None:
return {}
full = stdout.strip()
if tag.endswith("-dirty"):
full += "-dirty"
return {"version": tag, "full": full}
tag_prefix = ""
def get_versions():
variables = { "refnames": git_refnames, "full": git_full }
ver = versions_from_expanded_variables(variables, tag_prefix)
if not ver:
ver = versions_from_vcs(tag_prefix)
if not ver:
ver = {"version": "unknown", "full": ""}
return ver
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