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bug 665017: update a few remaining references to version 1.0b5 so the…

…y refer to the correct version 1.0 on the 1.0 branch; r=wbamberg, a=myk
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mykmelez committed Jun 17, 2011
1 parent 309a422 commit df8823863a9c7b87eaaca3f6e384fdacd143b33b
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ To develop with the Add-on SDK, you'll need:
* A version of Firefox that uses Gecko or later
(for example, Firefox 4.0).
-At the moment, the latest stable version of the Add-on SDK is 1.0b5.
+At the moment, the latest stable version of the Add-on SDK is 1.0.
You can obtain it as a
or a [zip file](
@@ -19,21 +19,21 @@ Extract the file contents wherever you choose, and navigate to the root
directory of the SDK with a shell/command prompt. For example:
- ~/mozilla > tar -xf addon-sdk-1.0b5.tar.gz
- ~/mozilla > cd addon-sdk-1.0b5
- ~/mozilla/addon-sdk-1.0b5 >
+ ~/mozilla > tar -xf addon-sdk-1.0.tar.gz
+ ~/mozilla > cd addon-sdk-1.0
+ ~/mozilla/addon-sdk-1.0 >
Then, if you're on Linux, OS X, or another Unix-based system, run:
- ~/mozilla/addon-sdk-1.0b5 > source bin/activate
+ ~/mozilla/addon-sdk-1.0 > source bin/activate
Otherwise, if you're on Windows, run:
- C:\Users\Mozilla\addon-sdk-1.0b5> bin\activate
+ C:\Users\Mozilla\addon-sdk-1.0> bin\activate
Now the beginning of your command prompt should contain the text
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ prompts at the same time.
Run this at your shell prompt:
- ~/mozilla/addon-sdk-1.0b5 > cfx
+ ~/mozilla/addon-sdk-1.0 > cfx
It should produce output whose first line looks something like this, followed by

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