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Commits on Feb 28, 2011
  1. @warner @mykmelez

    Bug 636693: 'cfx docs' should tolerate non-.js files in package dirs.…

    warner authored mykmelez committed
    … r=myk
    Editor tempfiles or other non *.js files were being recursed into as if they
    were directories, causing a crash. The fix was to change the
    packaging.build_pkg_index() data structure to distinguish between files and
    directories, and to update (the only consumer) to match. was also updated to tolerate lack of 'keywords' in package.json
    (cherry picked from commit 345b68e)
Commits on Feb 23, 2011
  1. @ochameau @mykmelez

    bug 635714: addon bar is hidden when addon removes its own last widge…

    ochameau authored mykmelez committed
    …t even if other addons' widgets still visible; r=myk
    (cherry picked from commit 2207527)
  2. @ochameau @mykmelez

    bug 631519: remove add-on bar keyboard shortcut now that it is built …

    ochameau authored mykmelez committed
    …into Firefox; r=myk
    (cherry picked from commit 79e2f79)
  3. @warner @mykmelez

    Bug 635959 - fix sdocs on windows. Patch by wbamberg, r=warner.

    warner authored mykmelez committed
    Fixes assumption that the local OS uses "/" as a filesystem path separator.
    (cherry picked from commit 9f0477b)
Commits on Feb 18, 2011
  1. @mykmelez
  2. @mykmelez

    update credits, adding GitHub user placidrage, who contributed for th…

    mykmelez authored
    …e first time in the 1.0b3 cycle
  3. @mykmelez

    merge of bug 634899: make it possible to override read-only propertie…

    mykmelez authored
    …s with light traits; r+a=myk
  4. @mykmelez

    address review comments

    mykmelez authored
  5. @mykmelez

    Merge branch 'bug/traitOverride-634899' of…

    mykmelez authored
    …addon-sdk into Gozala-bug/traitOverride-634899
Commits on Feb 17, 2011
  1. @wbamberg
  2. @ochameau @mykmelez

    bug 614079: make test-windows.testActiveWindow stop failing with 'non…

    ochameau authored mykmelez committed
    …-browser windows aren't handled by this module' on Linux by not assuming the exact right window is activated (since window activation on Linux is wonky); r+a=myk
  3. @0c0w3

    Bug 577558 follow-up: replace two uses of…

    0c0w3 authored
    … with a=myk
  4. @wbamberg
  5. @wbamberg
  6. @Gozala
  7. @Gozala

    Adding test for composition.

    Gozala authored
  8. @Gozala
Commits on Feb 16, 2011
  1. @warner
  2. @warner
  3. @Gozala
  4. @Gozala
  5. @Gozala
  6. @Gozala
  7. @autonome @mykmelez

    bug 626728: make addon toolbar stay the same size after adding a widg…

    autonome authored mykmelez committed
    …et; r=myk
  8. @mykmelez
  9. @KWierso @mykmelez

    bug 618721: show a correct error when page-mod's 'include' property h…

    KWierso authored mykmelez committed
    …as an incorrect value; r=myk
  10. @wbamberg
  11. @cadorn @warner
  12. @ochameau @mykmelez

    bug 606007: fix a timeout in the test-panel.testResizePanel test func…

    ochameau authored mykmelez committed
    …tion that occurs when the test/browser windows are made inactive during the test run; r=myk
  13. @warner

    Bug 634598 - fix 'test cfx' after html changes, by wbamberg. r=warner

    warner authored
    The patch for bug 560008 changed the HTML output for the root page, which
    broke an overly-strict check in, and this fixes it.
  14. @Gozala
  15. @Gozala
  16. @Gozala

    Addressing review comments.

    Gozala authored
  17. @mykmelez

    merge bug 624607 followup: add empty test to annotator example so it …

    mykmelez authored
    …doesn't appear to fail tests; r=myk
  18. @mykmelez
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