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Commits on Aug 02, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez update version for next testing build 7dc57db
Commits on Aug 10, 2011
@Gozala Gozala Merge pull request #194 from Gozala/bug/hotkeys-alt.664361
Bug 664361 - "accel-alt-r" hotkey does not work r=myk(cherry picked from commit 6655460)
@erikvold erikvold bug fix: should not return a string with 'undefined'
(cherry picked from commit 685823c)
@ochameau ochameau Merge pull request #216 from ochameau/bug-666547-make-postMessage-wor…

Bug 666547: Fix postMessage in content scripts. r=irakli(cherry picked from commit d92926e)
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 641284 - page-mod documentation should have an example using cont…
…entScriptFile; r=dietrich

(cherry picked from commit 0d9f3b8)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 675728 - add widget example that uses the panel property; r=dietrich
(cherry picked from commit febbe71)
@mykmelez mykmelez bug 676885 workaround: disable Firefox behavior that could lead to ne…
…twork usage during testing; r=ochameau (alex)

(cherry picked from commit eebdd2a)
@ochameau ochameau Bug 676300: Cannot use history.pushState / history.replaceState in pa…
…ge-mod r=irakli

(cherry picked from commit 95f6db0)
@mykmelez mykmelez update version for next test build 005f601
Commits on Aug 17, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez Revert "Bug 665250: fix dump() output being discarded on windows. r=w…
…arner" because it caused bug 679313.

This reverts commit 0a6b27b.
(cherry picked from commit 1dca14f)
Commits on Aug 23, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 668985 - use of "self" module methods in content scripts is uncle…
…ar; r=warner

(cherry picked from commit e5c289e)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 613583 - use the word "add-on" instead of "extension" consistentl…
…y in documentation; r=adw

(cherry picked from commit 5f0a499)
@mykmelez mykmelez update version for next test build 3735b41
@Gozala Gozala Merge pull request #229 from autonome/bug680576-tab.url
bug 680576 - fix tab.url for restore-on-demand tabs and e10s r=irakli(cherry picked from commit 125a3d0)
Commits on Aug 29, 2011
@ochameau ochameau Bug 677768: require("timers") in Aurora causes error r=irakli
(cherry picked from commit 0a05f6d)
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez update version for next release 4cd0c39
Commits on Sep 13, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez merge development to stabilization 4883970
@mykmelez mykmelez update version for next test build ef7acff
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 686471 - cfx test_generate doesn't clean up all generated files; …

(cherry picked from commit 75b2998)
Commits on Sep 27, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez update Firefox minVersion/maxVersion to current/targeted versions of …
@mykmelez mykmelez update version for next test build ad4ee74
Commits on Oct 05, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 688324 - XULRunner host application support broken in multiple wa…
…ys; r=myk

(cherry picked from commit af06436)
@mixedpuppy mixedpuppy bug 675812: stop iframe in panel from bleeding onto panel border on M…
…ac OS X; r=myk

(cherry picked from commit 97b79af)
@mykmelez mykmelez add Shane Caraveo to credits
(cherry picked from commit ece8f0b)
@ochameau ochameau Bug 689621: intermittent failure in test-content-worker::test:setTime…
…out r=myk

(cherry picked from commit 27677ad)
@KWierso KWierso bug 690163: add 'id' to widget in 'attaching content scripts to tabs'…
… example; r=wbamberg

(cherry picked from commit efbfd17d1f58d79c236643c8996d83527958e037)
Commits on Oct 11, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez update SDK version to 1.2 for next test build 9c7c57a
Commits on Oct 18, 2011
@Mossop Mossop bug 695436: disable third-party addon check so addons installed direc…
…tly into profile folder by cfx continue to be loaded by Firefox after the browser starts disabling them by default; r=warner

(cherry picked from commit be374df)
@mykmelez mykmelez merge master to stabilization b666b3c
@mykmelez mykmelez update Firefox minVersion/maxVersion to anticipated current/next vers…
…ions of Firefox
Commits on Oct 19, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez bug 695788: set Firefox minVersion to value that is acceptable to AMO 6e5c1bc
@mykmelez mykmelez update SDK version to 1.2.1 for next test build bc79d54
@mykmelez mykmelez bug 695788: set Firefox minVersion to value that is acceptable to AMO 2d69062
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 661857 - Google's Translate API is being retired, so we need to u…
…pdate the tutorial;r=dietrich

(cherry picked from commit c5c30ba)
@mykmelez mykmelez update SDK version to 1.3b1 for next test build 19e8c5c
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 552109 - Write documentation for the jetpack-core/xpcom module; r…

(cherry picked from commit 9969483)
Commits on Nov 01, 2011
@mhammond mhammond Bug 695591 - docs don't indicate the return type
(cherry picked from commit 961cdbf)
@0c0w3 0c0w3 Bug 687777 - Context menu items added by extension use 900KB each; no…
…t returned on destroy(). r=myk

(cherry picked from commit 5d2d904)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 678263 - doesn't work, we should yank it from …
…the docs; r=dietrich

(cherry picked from commit 25c52e7)
@mhammond mhammond bug 665250: dump() output discarded when Firefox is run by the SDK; r…

(cherry picked from commit e57a29e)
@mykmelez mykmelez bug 695975: console.log loses some output when addon disabled and ree…
…nabled; r=warner

(cherry picked from commit e5aae16)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 695904 - Document that you can use old email-style IDs; r=warner
(cherry picked from commit db3fbc3)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 655280 - mention sizes for icons in package.json documentation; r…

(cherry picked from commit 05d65f8)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 662236 - Default Image Width/Height; r=myk
(cherry picked from commit 3dcc5e1)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 695987 - Cross site access to fonts failing; r=myk
(cherry picked from commit eba3908)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 624282 - Test file with underscore in its name does not get run b…
…y cfx test; r=dietrich

(cherry picked from commit 2885fa1)
@KWierso KWierso Bug 661423 - api-utils: runtime module should be documented; r=wbamberg
(cherry picked from commit b43779d)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 646583 - cfx --profiledir option docs do not mention the ability …
…to create new profiles; r=dietrich

(cherry picked from commit 3dffdc0)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 641993 - Change const->var in example code; r=adw
(cherry picked from commit f78f071)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 696699 - Content Script Access page links to a non-working exampl…

(cherry picked from commit 80da38a)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 687310 - Provide back to Addon Builder link in Documentation head…
…er; r=myk

(cherry picked from commit a640104)
@mykmelez mykmelez Bug 581982 - selection.text returns null instead of the selected text…
… when the selection is in a text box or text area; r=myk

(cherry picked from commit 46177cb)
@mykmelez mykmelez update SDK version to 1.3b2 for next test build 8e9b0d9
Commits on Nov 02, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez add ZER0 to credits
(cherry picked from commit 0cb600b)
Commits on Nov 08, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 669765 - Document how to have an icon for your add-on; r=dietrich
(cherry picked from commit 3e600d3)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 655466 - document how users can make cfx activation permanent; r=…

(cherry picked from commit 2d25921)


@louisremi louisremi add link to worker documentation in the API reference(cherry picked f…
…rom commit 6f23613)
@mykmelez mykmelez bug 574563: correctly check ERRORLEVEL in activate.bat; squelch REG Q…
…UERY error; f=@mhammond, r=@warner

(cherry picked from commit ddace88)
@warner warner Bug 669274: add '--harness-option KEY=VALUE' for builderVersion= . r=myk
(cherry picked from commit df83335)
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 692440 - We should talk about event listeners in content script; …

(cherry picked from commit ab78d7e)
@ZER0 ZER0 Fixed the `keys` argument redeclaration in traits/core
(cherry picked from commit 7fba434)
@mhammond mhammond bug 571843: activate fails to find 64-bit python on 64-bit windows en…
…vironments; r=myk

(cherry picked from commit 69ba50a)
@mhammond mhammond bug 700388: cfx is unable to find Python on localized Windows; f=@och…
…ameau, r=@mykmelez

(cherry picked from commit 23f94d7)
Commits on Nov 09, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez update SDK version to 1.3b3 for next test build 85f1d2d
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
@wbamberg wbamberg Bug 635557 - Create a guide to help transition current add-on devs to…
… the SDK; r=@mykmelez

(cherry picked from commit 2710fef)
@Ajnasz Ajnasz Check if win exists before working on it
Sometimes I had an error, that win is null.
The error occured when I was logging in on a page where I was working
on. The login was done by an AJAX call but after the login page
reloaded. Then I tried to run my script I got the error message.

The error was come from the content/worker.js line 533
(cherry picked from commit 3b99f8b)
@Ajnasz Ajnasz Check for this._window in worker instead in tab
(cherry picked from commit 84e0fab)
@Ajnasz Ajnasz Don't import tab if this._window is null
(cherry picked from commit b86314c)
@mykmelez mykmelez update SDK version to 1.3 for next test build 10e4e50
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez resolve conflicts due primarily to version number changes b68943f
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez merge development (master) branch to stabilization branch 11f34b4
@mykmelez mykmelez update Firefox maxVersion to the version of Firefox that will ship af…
…ter the stabilizing version of the SDK ships
Commits on Dec 06, 2011
@Gozala Gozala Workaround 'reference to undefined property' warnings.(cherry picked …
…from commit ee99c92)
@erikvold erikvold bug 706377 always write a defaults/preferences/prefs.js
(cherry picked from commit 3ca17d6)
@ZER0 ZER0 Bug 696744: Escape sequences aren't correctly escaped in `postMessage`
implementation in `content-proxy` r=@ochameau
(cherry picked from commit c9bb7ba)
@skratchdot skratchdot Small README.txt update to mention support for py2.7 . r=warner
(cherry picked from commit 71c8813)
@mykmelez mykmelez add new contributor skratchdot to credits
(cherry picked from commit 41bcd47)
Commits on Dec 07, 2011
@Gozala Gozala Addressing review comments.(cherry picked from commit 331fcd5) 37b95ac
@Gozala Gozala Disable failing XHR test until platform bug 707256 is fixed.(cherry p…
…icked from commit 8a92726)
@mhammond mhammond remove support for python 2.4 from activate.bat - r=@mykmelez
(cherry picked from commit 800c15c)
Commits on Dec 08, 2011
@ochameau ochameau Bug 706744: Closing Firefox opened by cfx run does not terminate the cfx
run command.
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
@mykmelez mykmelez Merge pull request #294 from ochameau/cfx-quit-stab
Bug 706744 - Closing Firefox opened by cfx run does not terminate the cfx run command. (backport of multiple changes on master branch)
@warner warner prefer short "2.0" over longer "2.0rc1"
(cherry picked from commit bc9e3d6)
@erikvold erikvold bug 660631 adding examples to docs for api-utils/preferences-service
(cherry picked from commit c5f7a2d)
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
@warner warner prefer short "2.0" over longer "2.0rc1"
(cherry picked from commit bc9e3d6)
@warner warner prefer short "2.0" over longer "2.0rc1"
(cherry picked from commit bc9e3d6)
@erikvold erikvold bug 660631 adding examples to docs for api-utils/preferences-service
(cherry picked from commit c5f7a2d)
@mykmelez mykmelez Merge commit '1.4b2' into stabilization 6d1188a
@KWierso KWierso Remove reference to nsIHttpServer
(cherry picked from commit e7e4b50)
@mykmelez mykmelez update Firefox minVersion for the recent Firefox release 9995815
Commits on Dec 28, 2011
@ochameau ochameau Bug 712463: test-content-proxy.testMozMatchedSelector fails against most
recent nightly build r=@myk
(cherry picked from commit 8cecfe3)
@ochameau ochameau fix bug 713121 - Widget::allow undefined, so script in widget content…
… never executes; r=@mykmelez

(cherry picked from commit 29fd7fe)
@mykmelez mykmelez fix bug 712464 - SDK fails to find nightly build with new FirefoxNigh…
… filename; r=@warner

(cherry picked from commit cd5224e)
Commits on Jan 04, 2012
@ochameau ochameau Bug 714778: Hotfix `toString` being broken in content scripts.
(cherry picked from commit 51fd428)
@wbamberg wbamberg fix bug 700449 - Link to XPCNativeWrapper has mozilla.oreg instead of…
… in URL; r=@mykmelez

(cherry picked from commit 450f4b6)
@ttaubert ttaubert Fix missing default values for integer preferences.(cherry picked fro…
…m commit 5eb8337)
Commits on Jan 05, 2012
@wbamberg wbamberg replace clock icon in widget screenshot ce7efa1
@ochameau ochameau bug 714891: We should only pass strings to and from sandboxes; r=@myk… 5f28e7f
Commits on Jan 06, 2012
@Mossop Mossop fix bug 715721: Switch to using nsIChannel to do the synchronous I/O …
…load from a URI. r=@mykmelez

(cherry picked from commit 543cf35)
Commits on Jan 10, 2012
@mykmelez mykmelez Merge branch 'stabilization' into release c2f55cd
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
@KWierso KWierso Cherry-picked from 64f1d0a to create an out-of-cycle hotfix 1.4.1 rel…
…ease to fix Flightdeck
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
@KWierso KWierso @ochameau - Bug 718230 - console.log() no longer logs to the error co…
…nsole starting in SDK 1.4; r=gozala

(cherry picked from commit ca053c1)
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