Bug 613587 - Make cfx init generate the jid #564

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KWierso commented Sep 10, 2012

This takes over where pull request 461 left off. It fell behind and then I screwed up the branch it was on, so it was easier to just make a new pull request than clean up what was there.

This changes init.py to use the preflight.create_jid() to generate the jid, and fixes the test so it knows about the jid being in package.json from the start.

I had to change what initializer() returns to include both the status code (1 or 0) and the jid, as I couldn't think of any other way to pass the randomly generated jid into the test for it to use. If you can think of a better way, feel free to suggest it.

@ghost ghost assigned KWierso Sep 10, 2012

for d in ['lib','data','test','doc']:
print >>out, '*', d, 'directory created'
print >>out, '* README.md written'
+ jid = create_jid()
+ print >>out, '* generated jID automatically:', jid

ochameau Sep 11, 2012


It might be cool to print it last, before Your sample add-on is now ready.
Just to emphasis it and may be drop a note to say that's in package.json:id attribute and that you can set a human readable one?


Gozala commented Oct 3, 2012

@KWierso is this still relevant ? Do you plan on finishing this ?


Gozala commented Oct 3, 2012

If no please close this pull request, thanks!


KWierso commented Oct 3, 2012

Yeah. Just need to find some time to get it landable, and possibly address @ochameau's comment.


KWierso commented Dec 27, 2012

Closing this in favor of #703 because I'm not sure how I messed up the branch this was working from, and it's easier to start from scratch in a new branch than to clean this one up for committing...

@KWierso KWierso closed this Dec 27, 2012

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