Bug 845812 - Remove the magic that forces to overload Firefox module when cfx test is launched from SDK root folder. #819

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Gozala commented Feb 28, 2013

@ochameau I don't think it's only purpose was to not break tests. I do think that should be a default behavior since it's really easy to forget passing a flag and end up testing not your changes but the ones shipped with FF.

If you don't agree let's discuss it on vidyo or something.


ochameau commented Feb 28, 2013

I'm ok to keep this behavior but it will force us to introduce another cfx option to disable it for tinderbox script used for testing the SDK against m-c repos.

@Mossop and @ZER0 asked for such patch as they found this directory-based behavior misleading. I'm personaly ok with both options...


Mossop commented Feb 28, 2013

I'm not totally against keeping it but I worry about it being a source of confusion. The case that I worry about that I know will bite me is that I hack on an API, run testpkgs from the SDK dir so it will test my changes but then I got and verify it manually in an example add-on using cfx run from the add-on's dir which will suddenly ignore my changes. Pretty sure that will throw me a few times.

I don't think it will affect add-on developers so maybe it's ok to leave it as is for now and see how much it impacts us.


ochameau commented Mar 4, 2013

My only concern in keeping the current behavior is that we will require a new option to force the usage of firefox modules when being run from sdk directory. That's for tinderbox and for us, when we want to verify that the SDK tests work with firefox modules.
It feels awkward to support ---overload-modules and something like --do-not-auto-overload.


jsantell commented Nov 13, 2013

Resolved: WONTFIX

jsantell closed this Nov 13, 2013

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