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The Add-on SDK repository.
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Before proceeding, please make sure you've installed Python 2.5,
2.6, or 2.7 (if it's not already on your system):

Note that Python 3 is not supported.

For Windows users, MozillaBuild (
will install the correct version of Python and the MSYS package, which
will make it easier to work with the SDK.

To get started, first enter the same directory that this README file
is in (the SDK's root directory) using a shell program. On Unix systems
or on Windows with MSYS, you can execute the following command:

  source bin/activate

Windows users using cmd.exe should instead run:


Then go to
to browse the SDK documentation.

If you get an error when running cfx or have any other problems getting
started, see the "Troubleshooting" guide at:


* file a bug:

Style Guidelines

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