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JEP Add on UI Integration

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This project has two interleaved goals: to show add-on developers that Mozilla is working to improve some of the most basic needs of all add-on developers, and to greatly reduce the problems that can be caused by add-ons trying to integrate with the Firefox UI in the most basic of ways, by adding a button to the Navigation bar.

Project Goal

Provide a set of simple, usable APIs that cover the most common Add-on use cases for integrating with the Firefox UI.


Stephen Horlander created mockups for these UI pieces last year:

Related APIs

Erik Vold has implemented a very popular module that adds buttons into the navigation bar.


  • Toggle / Action Buttons buttons that either trigger an action or toggle an on/off state. These buttons are the basic UI piece that anchors most other APIs.
  • Location Bar Buttons buttons or anchored panels that appear by default inside the location field.
  • Anchored Panels a button / panel combination.
  • Toolbars a toggle button / toolbar combination.
  • Sidebars a toggle button / sidebar combination.

Project Dependencies

In order for Firefox to correctly support overflow of add-on items in the navigation toolbar, we need to work with the Firefox's team to ensure that our work lines up well with changes they are making to how customization and overflow work as part of the Australis project.

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