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JEP SDK in Firefox

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Integrating Addon-sdk with Firefox

This document outlines process of landing core parts of Add-on SDK to mozilla-central to be shipped with the rest of the Firefox.

See: Bug 731779

Development process

One of the core goals is to preserve current development ergonomics and maybe share those with other teams. This means following:

  • Canonical repository remains on github.
  • Code can be contributed via pull requests or patches in bugzilla.
  • Changes to SDK modules should not require building Firefox to test.

Sync addon-sdk code with mozilla central

Once a week the code in the [addon-sdk git repository's] master branch will be merged to a special integration branch using the --no-ff flag to ensure that a merge commit is created. After that the branch will be pulled into the toolkit/addon-sdk directory of a clone of mozilla-central and committed. This can then be pushed to mozilla-central for tests to run on tinderbox.

See: Bug 793916

Appropriate make files will incorporate SDK modules from mozilla-central's toolkit/addon-sdk folder into Firefox builds.

See: Bug 793928

Once the code is in mozilla-central it will ride the trains until release.

Backouts from mozilla-central

If the uplift to mozilla-central has to be backed out then this change will be pulled to the clone, committed to the integration branch and then merged to the master branch and pushed back to the [addon-sdk git repository]. This keeps the two trees in sync and means changes must be re-landed on the master branch after being fixed to get back to mozilla-central during the next uplift.

Reverts in addon-sdk master branch

Changes that cause cause test failures ( anything but green ) will be reverted to make sure that the integration branch is always green.

Breaking issues discovered on mozilla-aurora or mozilla-beta

In the event that a breaking issue is discovered that must be fixed on aurora, beta or esr branches the Jetpack team will be responsible for creating a patch that applies there and requesting approval to land it in mercurial.

File layout changes

SDK module layout and packaging will be changed to reflect the one used in Firefox. More details on this subject are described under JEP lib

See: Bug 787346

CFX changes

The CFX tool needs to be updated to add compatibility with a new module layout described above.

See: Bug 793924

CFX also will have to recognize modules shipped with a firefox and create appropriate entries in generated manifest file.

See: Bug 793925

Add-on builder changes

Incompatible changes will be made to CFX to support SDK integration with firefox. Add-on builder will need to incorporate those CFX changes to remain compatible with new versions of SDK.

See: Bug 793932

Build UI and parts of the backend will need have to change to reflect the fact that modules are shipped with firefox.

See: Bug 793934

Document generation

Documentation generator will need to recognize new file layout and how these files map to the modules in the firefox.

See: Bug 793926


Any changes to the SDK codebase will go through standard review process. Contributor will have an option either submitting a pull request against addon-sdk repo or submitting a patch against addon-sdk or mozilla-central repos in bugzilla. Since mozilla-central will contain complete addon-sdk repo patches will remain compatible.


The Add-on SDK test harness will be included in the uplift to mozilla-central so it will be necessary to make sure that tinderbox can run it.

See: Bug 793921

In order to keep mozilla-central as green as possible we may push to try before pushing and then may use mozilla-inbound as the main repository instead of mozilla-central.

We already have a system in place for running Add-on SDK tests against Firefox for every checkin to the [addon-sdk repository], this should remain active so we know whether the current code can be uplifted.


Loader will have to recognise special sdk.local.path preference. If such preference is set, loader will use specified location for leading modules instead of resource:///modules/commonjs/.

This will enable faster iterations over the SDK codebase once the loader and the sdk are integrated into Firefox.

See: Bug 793912

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