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EnTeQuAk Update firefox icon, fix positioning. (#9452)
Fixes #9451

This does not touch the manually created sprites in static/img, this
should be a separate issue I guess.

I'd like to get this cherry-picked into this weeks tag.

![screenshot from 2018-09-18 20-01-50](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/139033/45706986-e873a800-bb7d-11e8-8662-3d22117b2835.png)
Latest commit 5005078 Sep 19, 2018
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configs/init.d remove outdated scripts Aug 2, 2014
docker Remove old rpm-based repository files. Aug 21, 2018
docs Update ratings API docs Sep 6, 2018
locale Pontoon: Update Georgian (ka) localization of AMO Sep 19, 2018
logs Actually commit logs/.gitkeep Sep 18, 2015
requirements Merge pull request #9454 from mozilla/pyup-update-boto3-1.9.5-to-1.9.6 Sep 19, 2018
scripts Remove obsolete update_addons_collections_downloads cron Aug 16, 2018
services drop xml update.py support (#9380) Sep 7, 2018
src/olympia add celery task route; ignore_result; comments Sep 18, 2018
static Update firefox icon, fix positioning. (#9452) Sep 19, 2018
tests Added configuration to run multiple ui tests in parallel. (#9266) Aug 28, 2018
tmp Adds empty tmp dirs so a fresh clone can run tests, etc, without errors Sep 16, 2011
.dockerignore WIP: Cleanup locustio based performance / smoke tests, add more entit… May 30, 2018
.gitignore Add command to generate a file containing disco pane editorial string… Jul 6, 2018
.jshintrc Fixing migration from config.json to .jshintrc Nov 12, 2014
.pyup.yml fixing .pyup.yml Sep 14, 2018
.travis.yml Spread travis jobs (#9430) Sep 17, 2018
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md Fix markdown Apr 4, 2017
CONTRIBUTING.rst Add a note about "good first bug" procedure (#3175) Aug 1, 2016
Dockerfile Add uuid to the list of packages installed in our Dockerfile Aug 30, 2018
Dockerfile.deploy deploy prod_py2.txt instead of prod.txt (#9390) Sep 10, 2018
Dockerfile.perftests WIP: Cleanup locustio based performance / smoke tests, add more entit… May 30, 2018
ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md Update first line of issue template Sep 14, 2016
LICENSE Update copyright notice, I think it's 2016 already. (#2806) May 31, 2016
Makefile Revert "Merge pull request #7432 from mozilla/revert-docker-changes" Feb 5, 2018
Makefile-docker have Travis test on py3.6 as well as 2.7 (#9345) Sep 5, 2018
Makefile-os Use docker-compose restart instead of supervisorctl. Feb 19, 2018
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md Fix typo in PR template Jul 18, 2017
README.rst fixing a couple of typos Sep 10, 2017
circle.yml deploy prod_py2.txt instead of prod.txt (#9390) Sep 10, 2018
conftest.py Fix deprecation warnings (Django 2.x, DRF etc) (#9431) Sep 17, 2018
contribute.json Update list of relevant IRC contacts in contribute.json Jun 21, 2016
docker-compose.override.yml Addon Install Test (#6641) Jan 12, 2018
docker-compose.yml bump autograph version to 2.3.0 for travis CI and docker compose Aug 30, 2018
manage.py Set a default settings module Feb 24, 2016
package.json fix(package): update raven-js to version 3.27.0 (#9346) Sep 5, 2018
settings.py Remove filesystem cache, use default (memcached) backend for everything Jul 27, 2018
settings_test.py Remove filesystem cache, use default (memcached) backend for everything Jul 27, 2018
setup.cfg Run tests needing locales in a specific tox job on travis Feb 1, 2018
setup.py Remove unused imports from setup.cfg Jan 6, 2016
tox.ini Spread travis jobs (#9430) Sep 17, 2018
version.json change source in version.json to new repo name Feb 6, 2016


Code of conduct https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/addons-server.svg?branch=master Updates Python 3


Welcome to the Addons Server repository! Please feel free to visit the web page of the current project hosted on addons.mozilla.org. If you want to install it follow our guide located in install docs. We'd love your help! You can come talk to us on irc.mozilla.org #amo if you have any questions.

Please report bugs here: https://github.com/mozilla/addons/issues or https://github.com/mozilla/addons-server/issues You can access the AMO dev environment at https://addons-dev.allizom.org/ and the AMO stage environment at https://addons.allizom.org/

You can join our mailing list at https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-addons

Security Bug Reports

This code and its associated production web page are included in the Mozilla’s web and services bug bounty program. If you find a security vulnerability, please submit it via the process outlined in the program and FAQ pages. Further technical details about this application are available from the Bug Bounty Onramp page.

Please submit all security-related bugs through Bugzilla using the web security bug form. Never submit security-related bugs through a Github Issue or by email.