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These APIs are experimental and are currently being worked on. Endpoints may change without warning. The only authentication method available at the moment is :ref:`the internal one<api-auth-internal>`.

Review Notes List

This endpoint allows you to list the approval/rejection review history for a version of an add-on.

Review Notes Detail

This endpoint allows you to fetch a single review note for a specific version of an add-on.

Possible values for the action field:

Value Description
approved Version, or file in the version, was approved
rejected Version, or file in the version, was rejected
review-requested Developer requested review
more-information-requested Reviewer requested more information from developer
super-review-requested Add-on was referred to an admin for attention
comment Reviewer added comment for other reviewers
review-note Generic review comment

Incoming Mail End-point

This endpoint allows a mail server or similar to submit a json object containing single email into AMO which will be processed. The only type of email currently supported is a reply to an activity email (e.g an add-on review, or a reply to an add-on review). Any other content or invalid emails will be discarded.