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import validator.textfilter as textfilter
def test_is_ctrl_char():
"Tests whether a character is a control character"
for i in range(0, 127):
result = textfilter.is_ctrl_char(chr(i))
assert (i < 32 and i not in (9, 10, 13)) == result
# Test ordinal override
assert not textfilter.is_ctrl_char(chr(3), 50)
def test_is_standard_ascii():
"Tests the is_standard_ascii function"
assert not textfilter.is_standard_ascii(chr(3))
assert textfilter.is_standard_ascii(chr(9))
assert not textfilter.is_standard_ascii(chr(127))
assert not textfilter.is_standard_ascii(chr(200))
def test_filter_ascii():
"Tests the filter_ascii function"
assert not textfilter.filter_ascii("".join([chr(x) for
x in
assert not any(x.replace("?", "") for
x in
textfilter.filter_ascii([chr(x) for x in range(9)]))
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