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import sys
from import eq_
import helper
from helper import MockXPI
from validator.errorbundler import ErrorBundle
from validator.outputhandlers.shellcolors import OutputHandler
import validator.testcases.content
import validator.testcases.scripting
validator.testcases.scripting.traverser.DEBUG = True
def _do_test(path):
"Performs a test on a JS file"
script = open(path).read()
return _do_test_raw(script, path)
def _do_test_raw(script, path="foo.js", bootstrap=False, ignore_pollution=True,
detected_type=None, jetpack=False):
"Performs a test on a JS file"
err = ErrorBundle(instant=True)
if jetpack:
err.metadata["is_jetpack"] = True
err.handler = OutputHandler(sys.stdout, True)
err.supported_versions = {}
if bootstrap:
err.save_resource("em:bootstrap", True)
if detected_type:
err.detected_type = detected_type
err, MockXPI(), path, script, path.lower(), not ignore_pollution)
if err.final_context is not None:
print err.final_context.output()
return err
def _do_real_test_raw(script, path="foo.js", versions=None, detected_type=None,
metadata=None, resources=None, jetpack=False):
"""Perform a JS test using a non-mock bundler."""
err = ErrorBundle(for_appversions=versions or {})
if detected_type:
err.detected_type = detected_type
if metadata is not None:
err.metadata = metadata
if resources is not None:
err.resources = resources
if jetpack:
err.metadata["is_jetpack"] = True
validator.testcases.content._process_file(err, MockXPI(), path, script,
return err
def _get_var(err, name):
def _do_test_scope(script, vars):
"""Test the final scope of a script against a set of variables."""
scope = _do_test_raw(script)
for var, value in vars.items():
print "Testing %s" % var
var_val = _get_var(scope, var)
if isinstance(var_val, float):
var_val *= 100000
var_val = round(var_val)
var_val /= 100000
eq_(var_val, value)
class TestCase(helper.TestCase):
"""A TestCase object with specialized functions for JS testing."""
def setUp(self):
self.file_path = "foo.js"
self.final_context = None
super(TestCase, self).setUp()
def run_script_from_file(self, path):
Run the standard set of JS engine tests on a script found at the
location in `path`.
with open(path) as script_file:
return self.run_script(
def run_script(self, script, expose_pollution=False):
Run the standard set of JS engine tests on the script passed via
if self.err is None:
if self.err.supported_versions is None:
self.err.supported_versions = {}
validator.testcases.content._process_file(self.err, MockXPI(),
self.file_path, script,
if self.err.final_context is not None:
print self.err.final_context.output()
self.final_context = self.err.final_context
def get_var(self, name):
Return the value of a variable from the final script context.
except KeyError:
raise ("Test seeking variable (%s) not found in final context." %
def assert_var_eq(self, name, value):
Assert that the value of a variable from the final script context
contains the value specified.
eq_(self.get_var(name), value)
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