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import types
from rdflib import Graph, URIRef
from rdflib.exceptions import ParserError
from StringIO import StringIO
from xml.sax import SAXParseException
class RDFException(Exception):
"""Exception thrown when the RDF parser encounters a problem."""
def __init__(self, message=None, orig_exception=None):
if message is None and orig_exception is not None:
message = orig_exception.message
super(RDFException, self).__init__(message)
self.orig_exception = orig_exception
def line(self):
return (self.orig_exception.getLineNumber() if self.orig_exception else
class AddonRDFEntity(object):
A "resolved" entity within an RDF file in an add-on. For use by SAX during
the entity resolution process.
def getByteStream(self):
yield None
def getSystemId(self):
return ""
class AddonRDFEntityResolver(object):
An entity resolver to be used by SAX for resolving internal entity
def __init__(self, err):
self.err = err
def resolveEntity(self, public, system):
if system.startswith("data:"):
err_id=("rdf", "entity_resolver", "data_uri"),
warning="`data:` URIs are not permitted in `install.rdf`.",
elif system.startswith("chrome://"):
err_id=("rdf", "entity_resolver", "chrome_uri"),
warning="`chrome://` URI referenced before initialization.",
description="A chrome URI was referenced before the "
"browser chrome was initialized.",
err_id=("rdf", "entity_resolver", "remote_uri"),
warning="Remote URI referenced from `install.rdf`.",
description="Remote URIs should not be used within "
"`install.rdf` files.",
return AddonRDFEntity()
class RDFParser(object):
"""Parser wrapper for RDF files."""
def __init__(self, err, data, namespace=None):
self.err = err
self.manifest = u"urn:mozilla:install-manifest"
self.namespace = namespace or ""
if isinstance(data, types.StringTypes):
data = StringIO(data) # Wrap data in a pseudo-file
from rdflib.plugins.parsers import rdfxml
orig_create_parser = rdfxml.create_parser
# Patch rdflib to not resolve URL entities.
def create_parser(*args, **kwargs):
parser = orig_create_parser(*args, **kwargs)
return parser
rdfxml.create_parser = create_parser
# Load up and parse the file in XML format.
graph = Graph()
graph.parse(data, format="xml")
self.rdf = graph
except ParserError as ex:
# Re-raise the exception in a local exception type.
raise RDFException(message=ex.message)
except SAXParseException as ex:
# Raise the SAX parse exceptions so we get some line info.
raise RDFException(orig_exception=ex)
# If we fail, we don't want to sully up the creation function.
rdfxml.create_parser = orig_create_parser
def uri(self, element, namespace=None):
"Returns a URIRef object for use with the RDF document."
if namespace is None:
namespace = self.namespace
return URIRef("%s#%s" % (namespace, element))
def get_root_subject(self):
"Returns the BNode which describes the topmost subject of the graph."
manifest = URIRef(self.manifest)
if list(self.rdf.triples((manifest, None, None))):
return manifest
return self.rdf.subjects(None, self.manifest).next()
def get_object(self, subject=None, predicate=None):
"""Eliminates some of the glue code for searching RDF. Pass
in a URIRef object (generated by the `uri` function above or
a BNode object (returned by this function) for either of the
# Get the result of the search
results = self.rdf.objects(subject, predicate)
as_list = list(results)
# Don't raise exceptions, value test!
if not as_list:
return None
return as_list[0]
def get_objects(self, subject=None, predicate=None):
"""Same as get_object, except returns a list of objects which
satisfy the query rather than a single result."""
# Get the result of the search
results = self.rdf.objects(subject, predicate)
return list(results)
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